BEST OF 2008


* = Everything here is recommended, but those with a * are buy-or-die albums, ones that you’ll regret not having heard after you’ve heard them (which of course is a logical impossibility, but you get the idea).
+ indicates debut album
(M) indicates mixtape
All are independent releases!


Abdominal-Escape from the Pigeon Hole
Atmosphere-Strictly Leakage
Beach House-Devotion
Biography of Ferns-Pastel Gothic (review)
Big Buildings-Wampum (review)*
Birdmonster-From The Mountain To The Sea
Black Mountain-In the Future (review)*
Bless 1-Starving Artist (street album) (review)+
Blood on the Wall-Liferz (review)*
Bon Iver-For Emma, Forever Ago
Buckshot and 9th Wonder-The Formula (review) *
Bun-B-II Trill
Calvin Badness-Go To Your Room (review)+*
The Camp-The Campaign (review)+
Chad VanGaalen-Soft Airplane
Clipse-Clipse Presents the Reup Gang (M)
Clock Hand Strangle-Redshift/Blueshift
The Cool Kids-The Bake Sale
C-Rayz Walz and Kosha Dillz-Freestyle vs. Written (review) +*
Damu the Fudgemunk-Spare Time (free album) (review)
Death Cab for Cutie-Narrow Stairs
Del The Funkee Homosapien-11th Hour (review)
Diacon-Panthers-Make it Feel Better (review) +*
Die! Die! Die!-Promises Promises (review)*
DL Incognito-A Captured Moment in Time (review)
Domingo-Domingo (review) +
Drive-By Truckers- Brighter Than Creation’s Dark
Evangelicals-The Evening Descends
Foul Mouth Jerk-Streetlight Music (review) *
Frightened Rabbit-Midnight Organ Fight (review)*
Fuck Buttons-Street Horrrsing (review)*
Gaslight Anthem-The 59 Sound
Grand Archives-The Grand Archives (review) +
The Gutter Twins-Saturnalia (review)+
Hasan Saalam-Children of God
Hayes Carll-Trouble in Mind (review)*
Hold Steady-Stay Positive (review)*
J-Live-Then What Happened
Jason Anderson-On the Street
Joe Budden-Mood Muzik 3.5 (For Better or Worse) (M) *
Johnny Madwreck-The Last Detail
Khemo Rabbit-Bad Voodoo (review)
Langhorne Slim-Langhorne Slim (review) *
Last of the Shadow Puppets-Age of the Understatement
LoDeck and Omega One-Postcards From The Third Planet
Los Campesinos-Hold On, Youngster (review)+*
Ludacris-Disturbing Tha Streetz (M)
Lykke Li-Youth Novels
Marah-Angels of Destruction!
Marnie Stern-This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That
Men Without Pants-Naturally (review) +*
Mike Doughty-Golden Delicious
Mr. Gnome-Deliver this Creature (review) +*
Mystery Jets-21 (review)
9th Wonder and Murs-Sweet Lord (review)*
Noah and the Whale-Advance
Nobunny-Love Visions
Okkervil River-The Stand Ins
Oneida-Preteen Weaponry
Paul Turner-Clear Blue
Pomegranates-Everything is Alive (review) +*
Priya Thomas-Blood Heron
Reup Gang (Clipse)-We Got It For Cheap Vol. 3-Spirit Of Competition (M)
Rural Alberta Advantage-Hometowns (review)*+
Rhymefest (Presented by Mark Ronson)-Man in the Mirror (M)
Santogold-Santogold +*
The Secret Machines-Secret Machines
Short Bus Alumni-Mr. T’s Revenge (review)*+
Soloman Spectrum (review) +
Spectac and 9th Wonder-The Corner of Spec and 9th (review)
Tanya Morgan-Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group (review) (M)
Throw Me The Statue-Moonbeams (review)+
Tilly and the Wall-o (review) *
Thao Nguyen and the Get Up Stay Down-We Brave Bee Stings and All
Vampire Weekend-Vampire Weekend +
Various Artists-KTYliens (M)
Vincent Black Shadow-More Deeper
War on Drugs-Wagonwheel Blues (review) +*
Weinland-La Lamentor
The Whigs-Mission Control
Wild Sweet Orange-We Have Cause to Be Uneasy (review) +*


Bell X1-Flock (reissue)*
Bella Noir-Premonitions EP (review) +
Community Gun-EP (review) +*
Dead Confederate-s/t EP (review)+*
Empty Rooms-Lacuna EP (review)
Joseph Arthur-Could We Survive EP (review) *
Joseph Arthur-Crazy Rain EP (review)
Kara Keith-Kara Keith EP (review)+
Let’s Wrestle-In Loving Memory Of
Living Legends-The Gathering EP (review)*
Masta Ace-The Hits U Missed Volume 3 (reissue)*
Pretty Good Dance Moves-s/t EP (review)+
Radars to the Sky-The Big Bang EP (review) +*
Tanya Morgan-The Bridge (review)
Thailand-Remote Controller (review) *
Trunks and MF Doom-Unicron EP
Tulsa-I Was Submerged EP (review)*
We The They-Shabby Road Sessions EP


  1. JoseAndres says:

    sorry the actual link for the first single is

  2. andy says:

    M83 Saturdays = Youth is more about electronic stuff, and ekko hate electronic stuff he said.

  3. ekko says:

    Does that mean his mixtapes aren’t any good?

  4. thaddeus something says:

    Rural Alberta Advantage make me like Canadians. Great job throwing them in the mix. You guys who praise alex turner are so ridiculous. He’s so fictitious and immature that it’s gross that he’s got such a huge following. There’s nothing original about they’re lyrics. All his music is like, habitual ever day pop with a 10 year olds guitar riffs and one string bass line. Over rated if ever there was a reason for the word.

  5. Deb Dowd says:

    Vampire Weekend-Vampire Weekend, is the Album of the year!
    Who agrees?

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