Posted: July 24, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized

I don’t know if you heard yet, but Tanya Morgan ain’t a woman
Tanya Morgan is three guys, surprise surprise!

That’s the opening couplet from the song, “Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group,” the title track of the excellent 2008 mixtape.

Brooklynatti is back in the house, with The Bridge EP. Their last official release was the 2006 record, “Moonlighting,” a stupid deep release that showed amazing promise. The follow up isn’t a full-length, but it’s far superior to the first record. The trio (Donwill and Ilyas of Cincinnati, Von Pea of Brooklyn) have even smarting lyrics, and even better beats. One of the things that makes Tanya Morgan better than the average intelligent underground rappers is their ability not only to laugh at themselves but also to laugh at their own ideas. Black power and street philosophy can be brilliant (check out Nas’ new record), but it can leave one feeling heavy and full. Tanya Morgan never stop urging hip-hop to improve, but they do it without sacrificing the art form’s most powerful tool: Moving your butt. Not since Tribe Called Quest’s first album have I heard a band so able to mix message with music.

I’m told a full length will come in the fall. Can’t wait.

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