Not A Thing To Believe In

Posted: June 28, 2010 by dillion in Uncategorized

Not a Thing to Believe In started in 2006 while I was attending Fulton Montgomery Community College in upstate New York for Multimedia. I originally conceived this project because I was recording found sounds on a Canon digital camera microphone and transferring them to an Acid Music program and turning them into sound collages. I would record all the instrumentation, vocals, and sound on that low-quality microphone. I recorded this way until 2009 when I got a hold of a synthesizer and an 8-track. I recorded a 20+ minute long song that was going to be the new style of this project. I showed my family, and friends but it never got out of my living room.

After that I moved to Gloversville, New York and started recording songs on a Mac book. I made quite a few demos before anything was worth trying to get out there, and a lot of them have been lost over time. Then I recorded my debut solo EP “I Can Never Do Anything Passionate for the People I Care Most About” which was written for my best friend who took his own life in his jail cell. This was a very emotional time for me, and recording this collection of songs helped me resolve a lot of thoughts I had about the situation at hand. I have never tried to release this EP because it was more of a means of releasing my emotions positively through sound, and it helped me remember a lot of the great times we had shared. After that, I started recording these two songs, the first being “Six Months” which is based around a time period of feeling disconnected with the world around us. The second being “Bugs Bunny” which is about a vision I had of a woman lying on her bed watching cartoons over and over on her free time. Though many people found this childish, her boyfriend understood her and knows that watching cartoons is merely what she loved to do. I wanted to make these songs have the power to be played over and over and not get old fast, so I did not want to want to do too much with them. I recorded overdubs to find out that the songs were much more powerful without them. These are the first songs I have ever tried to get out there (not just to my friends and family.) I feel very good about the way these songs make me feel, and I hope that they give me the chance to connect to others through my music.

For More Information And To Hear The Authors Music Check Out His MySpace Page – Not A Thing To Believe In

About The Author: Hello! My name is Erik Hidde and I live in upstate NY. Here are two new songs I’ve made for my solo project ‘Not a Thing to Believe In’ I feel very strongly about these songs, and I wanted to get them out there to every blog I could remember that I’ve enjoyed over the years, so that you could help me reach a wider audience.

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