Oli & Stomp

Posted: July 8, 2010 by jess in Uncategorized

Who are they? Two friends, united by the love of music and creation. It all started in the beginning of the 90’s with a few modern ideas that were keeping them awake at night.  Oli&Stomp started to create catchy pop songs but that wasn’t enough, and very ahead of their time, they started to make their own kind of music by creating a very unique morphing of musical genres including rap, metal, french songs and always, always experimenting.

Raising the bar with each track, they began to understand the dynamics of music.

So, very soon, they were proposed to contribute their talent to movies. Always having side projects, they were experimenting on the spiritual level of music and they’ve gone places where no other pop musicians had gone to ever before.

As the new century arrived, they knew they were ready to share their discoveries and reveal the full scale of their potential.

So began a new era of music. Famous people started to ask for their special remixes, Radios were intrigued by their incredible tone and wanted their difference…

And as they approached 2010, they were ready to bite the apple of success as they opened up their jar of songs, flooding the internet now with their catchy tunes and upbeats

For more information on Oli & Stomp visit their website – http://www.olistomp.bandcamp.com/

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