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If you’re a regular reader and were paying attention, you’ll recall that I picked Y Society’s release as one of the best new indie albums of 2007. If you agreed with me, you’ll be excited by this release by The Fudgemunk (half of Y Society), a crate-digging collection of amazing beats. It’s got everything from jazzy horn-driven beats to murky drum-and-keyboard crawls (“Randi 2006” is a track I recommend) to backpacker rap over hardcore beats . . . It’s being called an instrumental album, but there’s vocal tracks here as well, and all of them are the essence of what Hip Hop should be. If the major labels would pay attention to music like this, mainstream rap wouldn’t suck and blow so hard.

“Spare Time” is a free release, so you can cop the whole entire thing for the cost of nothing at all. Aaah, free. My favorite flavor!

Readers, please give this a listen and drop a comment about it. This is the kind of art we all need to encourage. Not just because it’s being given away, but because it’s extraordinary.


2004 Beat Original

Paranoid (Japanese LP bonus track)

  1. justin dounce says:

    just want to say a many thanks for this wonderful album. who was spitting on track two? was real dope. thanks for your love. peace.one

  2. poopeeshoe says:

    Shit is ill yo.

  3. Donny says:

    Really phat…

  4. Nea says:

    So long ago, will it still work?

  5. Nea says:

    Thank u brudda. Still werks. Sure do luv that Pulse Instru. Peace and Luv.

  6. hurdygurdyman says:

    Jus lettin ya know this link is still spreadin that happy vibe. thanks yo 🙂

  7. martin says:

    wonderful album..peace and love

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