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We’ve talked before here, and more than once, about Eastern Conference Champions, including picking their EP as one of the top 5 of the first half of 2007. So I’m not sure how much more I have to say. They’re a fantastic band who claim to have rejected a major label record deal in favor of doing what they wanted to, which was make the kind of indie rock Axl Rose or Blind Melon might have made. Much of what’s on their new album, Ameritown (release date: July 19th) comes from previous EPs, but not all of it. And frankly, who actually buys EPs anyway? Most of us wait for proper records, with few exceptions, and this one is one that was worth the wait.

Most of it is anthem rock, screamers and stompers, as good as anything else I’ve heard this year. There are only a few missteps along the way. On “Some Sorta Light,” the band comes dangerously close to trying get down home on a slow backporch acoustic number, and Josh Ostrander’s otherwise wonderous voice has a little trouble expressing hushed gravitas. Thankfully, though, the song kicks in halfway through and redeems itself. This is a band that must be LOUD to really be appreciated. They get my highest recommendation.

Taste it:



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On occasion, I may like me some Dwight Yoakam or Hank Williams, Jr., but for the most part roadhouse country ain’t my thang. I like alt-country, though, in doses. (Usually doses of Drive-By Truckers or Whiskeytown.) Maybe that’s why I’ve taken a shine to Ryan Bingham and The Dead Horses, who fall somewhere between twang and blues. Just barely breaking his midtwenties, ex-bull rider Bingham tells tales you’d expect to hear in a saloon from e a wizened, heavily wrinkled man with a missing thumb. Authentic-sounding and dusty, Bingham’s latest, “Dead Horses” (produced
by Marc Ford of the Black Crowes) is classic singer-songwriter Americana, a modern-day version of the young Waylon or Willie.

This album deserves a much wider audience. Let’s help it get one!

Long Way From Georgia-Ryan Bingham

Dollar a Day-Ryan Bingham

PARTS & LABOR-“Mapmaker”

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The other day I read the best description of mainstream rap I’ve heard in a while, from The
Washington Post
’s J. Freedom du Lac: “It’s become a genre of ringtones.” It’s not just hip hop that’s descended down this road, it’s most popular music. Unable to compete with a perceived lack of sales due to downloads, the Industry keeps packaging the same material in different forms. Personally, I don’t think it’s all illegal downloads: Movie sales and DVD rentals are down, tickets to live events are down, everything is down because it’s all spread much thinner. There’s so much more to do these days, and the economy certainly has been better. And if you’re going to foment paranoia in the populace by creating a war on terror, you shouldn’t be surprised when people don’t wanna leave their houses anymore.

But one thing that Parts & Labor will never be accused of is making ringtone music. I’ve mentioned Parts & Labor here before, when they released their EP. Now they’ve got a proper record of their unique blend of Brooklyn power-trio noisepunk. I say unique because it isn’t solely deconstructive clatter—it’s got hooks, too. And understandable vocals (sometimes sung via bullhorn). And plenty of bleeps, bursts, bashes and blips. And the guitar work. I have to mention that. The screaming solos are blazing fire among the wreckage of the fastest, hardest drumming this side of a tommy gun. Jagjaguwar/Brah should be commended for taking a risk and signing a band that’s pretty different from the stuff they usually put out (Black Mountain, Alex Delivery, Minus Story) — not that there’s anything wrong that those bands, it’s just that Parts & Labor is so radically different from what I usually get in my mailbox that I actually found it refreshing.

In a completely jarring kind of way.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

For fans of: Minutemen (they cover “King Of The Hill” on the album); Hüsker Dü, old Black Flag, Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Neutral Milk Hotel, etc.

From Mapmaker:

Fractured Skies

New Crimes

From earlier albums:

A Great Divide



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Some rare SY, and a cover. Dig it.

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Expressway To Yr. Skull

(Both above from 5/19/86 Peel Session)

Stereo Sanctity (6/10/87 studio outtake)

My New House


Victoria (Kinks cover)

(all above: 10/19/88 Peel Session)

Corporate Ghost

Major Label Chicken Feed

(above: 3/20/89 Peel Session)

Burning Spear

Youth Against Fascism

(above: 7/20/92 Studio session)

Wtihin You Without You (Beatles cover)-Sonic Youth

Get Into the Groove (Madonna cover)-Sonic Youth

Diamond Sea (Sonic Youth cover)-Yeah Yeah Yeahs

100% (Sonic Youth cover)-The Raveonettes (6/9/07)


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I don’t know the date of this short and sweet 4-song set, but I know what I like!

Every Valley is Not a Lake

God, Make Up Your Mind

Golden Gate Bridge

Hospital Beds


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Announcing a few July dates on the West Coast is Rademacher, a band that we’ve enjoyed for a long time but haven’t posted on since we moved from blogger to wordpress. We like the rough and dark sound. The paranoia underneath it all. The gritty cynicism. Gutsy, unpredictable songs that don’t seem to care if you like them or not.

But it isn’t just music to commit daterape to, it’s also for when you want to get drunk and talk philosophy. Their songs aren’t heavy on hooks, but yet still catchy. Sometimes a song will be going along like any other indie rock song and then suddenly veer off into contempt or disgust or fear and self-loathing…It’s real college rock, the kind we don’t hear as often as we used to: Brooding, thoughtful, upset at the world, at times self-indulgent, and never, ever dull.

I love this band. Their song, “They Are Always Into That” has been stuck in my head for about 18 months now.

And they’ve kindly offered to all a live acoustic set they did on KXLU, as well as a few singles that may (will?) be on the upcoming album, and some old stuff. When the album comes out, I’ll be sure to review it. This is a band with an open invitation to come to the corner any time they want.

The KXLU acoustic set (follow link), including my favorite of the bunch: Out of State.

If You Got Some Magic-Rademacher

Playing for Fun-Rademacher

They Are Always Into That-Rademacher

Tour dates:

7.02.07 – Los Angeles, CA – Silverlake Lounge
7.03.07 – Long Beach, CA – Casa Vino
7.05.07 – Fresno, CA – Tokyo Garden
7.06.07 – Sacramento, CA – Old Ironsides
7.08.07 – Seattle, WA – Comet Tavern
7.09.07 – Portland, OR – Tiger Bar
7.11.07 – Salt Lake City – Kilby Court
7.12.07 – Reno, NV – XOXO Bar


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SPECIAL PILLOW-Sleeping Beauty

The Special Pillow is the brainchild of Dan Cuddy. It’s nice and easy pop. I’m giving it a mention here because it got stuck in my shuffle today and I really dug it. Made the ride home less hectic.

I Love Your Smile

Your Dead City

And here’s your picture of the day. You’ve been waiting for it long enough!