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Blogging has become a big deal over the past several years initially as a way to express ones self to the world but more recently as a way to make a living. In fact blogging has become such a  big industry for those looking to get their share of the Internet advertising market that there are thousands and thousands of people who are making a perfectly comfortable income by just sitting at home and blogging about various things.

With the explosion of the blogging industry and the ability to make a buck off of your site visitors fake product reviews have become a HUGE problem. Sure, now more than ever you can find accurate and legitimate reviews of products from real users through platforms such as Amazon. But also now more than ever it is difficult to tell the real reviews from the fake ones. It’s easy if you go to a site like Amazon but what happens when you want reviews on products that aren’t sold at Amazon and you are forced to look toward the little guys site. More often than not you are forced to sift through a bunch of crap in the search results in order to find the real reviews, if you do find any at all.

You see with the incentive to make money off of site visitors there are many bloggers these days that write reviews of products without ever actually seeing the product in action or knowing whether it is of high quality or not. The idea for these bloggers is to write a glowing review and slap up some few affiliate links and most of your site visitors will believe your review, click through and eventually buy, thus making you money. These types of blog owners never intend to provide any real information about the product and are simply out to make a buck. What’s it to them anyway? They aren’t the one that is getting falsely deceived into thinking a crap product is good, they aren’t the ones blowing $50 on something that doesn’t work right.

Enter, an all new reviews website where the site owners don’t ever review a product themselves. Yes, the site owners do have ads on the site and they do make money however they have left all the reviewing to users like you because they know there is a conflict of interest, and they also know that there is no possible way they can review thousands of products themselves. Instead of trying to piece together information from the web and pass it as a review, or worse, these guys have left all of the reviewing to real users just like you and me.

I’m not sure if this site will make it big or not but I felt they deserved a mention after I stumbled across their site and saw that they were doing the noble thing, the proper thing, the thing that will certainly make them less money, but just the sort of thing that we need. Now we can only hope more and more mega sites like this start popping up and perhaps we can save the Internet from greedy people who make their money at another’s expense. For more info check out the You Review It About Page.