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Joe Budden isn’t the greatest rapper alive, by a long stretch, but he may be the most honest. Where Eminem tries to glam up his psychopathology, Buddens is known for honest, self-disclosing rhymes about his upbringing, his own drug use . . . He doesn’t bang or even pretend to bang. This year, he dropped the hotly anticipated Mood Muzik 3, and it lived up to all the hype. It’s one of the best street albums of all time.

But he’s best at battlerapping. Here’s a few reasons why.

1. Kid Brother-Ransom. Ransom and Joe played together with The A-Team for years, producing some of the greatest underground East Coast gangsta rap of all time. But they’ve fallen apart, and here’s why.

2. Joe retaliated with this: Heart of the City (Ransom diss)-Joe Buddens. Using Jay-Z’s beats to respond to a battlerhyme over a Kanye tribute to Jay-Z. Brilliant.

3. And if Ransom didn’t get the message: Ransom Note-Joe Buddens. The spoken intro to this is hysterical. “Someone gonna die tonight. And what do you know? I’m alive!”

4. Joe famously attacked Jay-Z on “Talk 2 ‘Em,” and Jay’s reponse wasn’t so great. A great article about it is here. Joe Budden Diss-Jay-Z. Jay’s more of a braggart than a battle rapper, and he says he’s not coming after anyone in particular, but everyone knew the beef with Joe was on.

5. But Joe’s most famous battle was against G-Unit. Breathe (Freestyle 50 Cent Diss-Joe Buddens).

6. Heartbeatology (G Unit diss)-Joe Buddens. 50 a singer, calls G-Unit the 5 Heartbeats; says 50 will always be a Onyx type. And yeah, I didn’t upload any of G-Unit’s attacks because they’re lame.

7. Lonely At The Top (Game Diss)-Joe Buddens. Joe’s biggest mistake was to attack Game. It was back with Game was still affiliated with G-Unit. But Game never gives up.

8. Buddens-Game. To Ice-T’s Colors, Game murders Joe.

9. Joe tried to spit back with Game Over-Joe Buddens, but he’d already been killed.

10. Last but not least: Def Jam Diss-Joe Buddens. This is more of a bitter story of how Joe’s major record deal fell through, but it’s a great rap.

  1. terrance says:

    so stupid if you think Game had a chance against that boy. You must just be writing this shit and not even listening to the songs.

  2. ekko says:

    You’re right! You figured me out! It’s not a question of taste (mine being good, you being wrong), it’s just that I don’t even listen to these songs! You figured me out and I will now shut down this blog.

    Thank you for your kind words and thoughts.

  3. Mika says:

    lemme get this straight, lyrically we all knw who is where and id give it to Buddens for lyricism purely. and as for the battle records thrown at each other, come on ! its pretty obvious tht game took it . Buddens sure did his thiang repping Jerz but Game got dude this time, besides, on Big Dreams he says, whoever said gameover musta had a hangover. rightly said. i love buddens, but he fucked it up all with his worldwide debut single, tht pump it up shit. well buddens got game no doubt but game done chopped him up moved ahead and is done chopping newer cats. and no dont temme im dickriding cuz i study this whole shit all day and im looking at it from a subjective perspective.so boy pls stfu and repect the worthy.

  4. fredmac says:

    your an idiot dude, buddens absolutely destroyed game. i dont know if you just cant desifer buddens lyrics or you just didnt hear his other diss track since u didnt list it. but that doesnt really matter cause game over tore game up…so your retarted

  5. praise one says:

    anyone who knows what real hip hop means knows that lyrically and realistically joe will domolish most of any fans top ten rappers. guess you cant realize the wordplay and what a metaphor really suppose to soundlike.. yall listeners need to go back to school and do your vocabulary research because yall retarded if you think game could rip joey song wise or battlewise yall muthafuckas should be shot in ya face for those remarks!!!

  6. t.jay thomas says:

    joe budden killed game. he didnt lose yet. he is 1 of the best rappers or the best. and fuck lil wayne. he is way better than lil wayne. lil wayne raps about the same things everytime

  7. Supremo says:

    why does it say 10 reasons not too when the last 4 are about the game and shit? and “joe buddens”..??

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