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I’m not the biggest Madonna fan in the world, but I accept her place in our society and appreciate it for what it is. This dude thinks he knows the top 10 Madonna songs, but he’s just wrong. I can live with “Crazy for You,” but is it really one of her best? And “Words”? And “Ray of Light” is her best song? Come on.

The 10 best Madonna songs are:

10. Human Nature. I loved this song until the crackhead who lived below me cranked it full blast on a loop for literally days on end. Which wasn’t as bad as when he left his phone on speaker, off the hook, so at 3AM we’d hear that three-tone beep and then the lovely old lady saying, “If you’d like to make a call, please hang up . . .” If I had to pick another slow song of hers, I’d have to go with her duet with Prince, Love Song.

9. Get Into the Groove. I have nothing snarky to say about this song. It’s just real damn good.

Get Into the Groove-Sonic Youth

8. Papa Don’t Preach. Just because the lyrics are so damn silly.

7. Music. Ali G!

Hella Music-Madonna vs. Gwen

6. Express Yourself.

5. Holiday. This was a close call against Borderline. I liked how in the video she’s so rebel, spraypainting and shit.

Holiday/Who Do You Love?-Jack Johnson

Borderline-Counting Crows

4. Like a Virgin. Any song that pisses of this many people makes the list. Period. Except for Justify My Love. That song pissed people off, but it led to the weakest song on Jay-Z’s Black Album masterpiece, so I’m not putting it on my list.

Bumrush My Love-Public Enemy vs. Madonna

3. Like a Prayer. Because oral sex with Madonna is a religious experience. I just realized that I wrote, “Oral Sex With Madonna.” If that doesn’t drive traffic to my site, I don’t know what will. Oh, wait, I know: “Avril Lavigne Boobies.”

2. Secret. Madonna goes acoustic.

1. Keep It Together. Seriously. This is a really hot tune, with a great party beat.

Madonna’s Pap Smear-Slackers

* I found the original Madonna article at Large Hearted Boy, a truly magnificent blog.

  1. Craig Kovac says:

    Come on Keep it together the best Madonna track?

    Here’s my Madonna Top Ten

    1 – Papa Don’t Preach / Sorry
    2 – You’ll See
    3 – Like A Prayer
    4 – This Used To Be My Playground
    5 – Forbidden Love (From Confessions On A Dancefloor)
    6 – Into The Groove
    7 – Till Death Do Us Part (From Like A Prayer)
    8 – Open Your Heart
    9 – Vogue
    10 – Into The Groove

  2. Joel says:

    Top 2 Madonna songs (wow, I didn’t even see these on anyone’s top 10 lists!):
    -Oh Father
    -Live to Tell

  3. fari says:

    hello bybe

  4. GLENN says:


  5. kristofersen k says:

    1. borderline 2. frozen 3. who’s that girl 4. rain 5. into the groove 6. ray of light 7. express yourself 8. like a prayer. 9. vogue 10. cherish

  6. Milos says:

    10.devil wouldn’t recognize you
    9.drowned world
    8.little star
    7.secret to tell
    4.impressive instant
    3.ray of light
    2.justify my love
    1.hung up

  7. HECTOR says:

    my Madonna Top Ten:

  8. ollie says:

    4 minutes is the best

  9. feri says:

    10. Future Lovers
    9. Nobody Knows Me
    8. Let It Will Be
    7. Die Another Day
    6. Music
    5. 4 Minutes
    4. Hung Up
    3. Sorry
    2. Vogue
    1. Jump

  10. Traniqua says:

    Greatest Madonna songs of all time? Picking ten is nearly impossible. Fifty might be more appropriate.

    10. Secret
    9. Hung Up
    8. Music
    7. Into the Groove
    6. Ray of Light
    5. Burning Up
    4. Like a Virgin
    3. Holiday
    2. Like a Prayer
    1. Vogue

    I would put “Nothing Fails” from American Life above perhaps all of these, but I only considered the big ones… if you’re counting all the album tracks it would be impossible to come up with just ten.

  11. badboy says:

    Nice all

  12. BAHADIR says:

    2.Power of Goodbye
    3.Like a Prayer
    4.Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
    5.Justify My Love
    7.La Isla Bonita
    8.Bad Girl
    9.Papa Don’ Preach

  13. Hektorrs says:

    My top 10 is… (a hard decision to make)

    1. Borderline
    2. Like a Virgin
    3. Like a Prayer
    4. You’ll See
    5. Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You
    6. Secret
    7. Frozen
    8. Paradise (Not For Me)
    9. Erotica
    10. Lucky Star

  14. Kierin says:

    1.Take a Bow 2.Power of Goodbye 3.La Isla Bonita 4.Music 5.Hung Up 6.Frozen 7.American Pie 8.Material Girl 9.Into the Groove 10.Like a Prayer

  15. Edixol says:

    Mi Madonna Top Ten now:

    1.-Bedtime Stories
    2.-Nothing really Matters
    3.-Future Lovers
    4.-Paradise is not for me
    5.-Secret Garden
    6.-Into the groove
    8.-Till Death do us part
    10.-Like a Virgin

  16. Roland says:

    1. music 2. hung up 3. vogue 4. like a virgin 5. forbidden love 6. ray of light 7. like a prayer 8. secret 9. get into the groove 10. sorry

  17. SONY says:

    Well there’s no definitive top 10 madonna songs list….coz all her songs r d best….however my picks would be:

    10.burning up(extended version)
    9. lucky star(extended version)
    8.human nature
    5.triggering(your senses)
    4.drowned world(substitute for love)
    5.mother and father
    2.power of goodbye
    love u madge…keep rocking the nation forever wid ur songs:)

  18. SONY says:

    bad girl is also one of my all time favs…i just lov the video

  19. Alberto Escobar says:

    1- Give It 2 Me
    2- 4 Minutes
    3- Beat Goes On
    4- Get Together
    5- Hung Up
    6- Die Another Day
    7- Music
    8- Erotica (Confessions Tour Version)
    9- Ray Of Light
    10- Nobody Knows Me

  20. Jen says:

    1.Bad Girl
    2.Ray Of Light
    3.Give It 2 Me
    4.Fighting Spirit
    7.American Life
    8.Physical Attraction
    9.Hung Up

  21. Salam Hourani says:

    2.confessions on the dance floor(the whole CD)
    3.nothing really matters
    5.I’ll remember
    6.Hard Candy (whole CD)
    7.papa don’t preach
    8.power of goodbye
    9.impressive instant
    10.justify my love

  22. Russell says:

    Long time fan,My top ten in alphabetical order are…

    Burning Up
    Hung Up
    Impressive Instant
    La Isla Bonita
    Into The Groove
    Paradise ( Not For Me )

  23. WTF says:

    Hmm..I would have to say in no particular order: Lucky Star, Like A Virgin, Open Your Heart, Like A Prayer, Vogue, Erotica, Bedtime Story, Frozen, Music, Hung Up…Oh Yeah, 4 Minutes and Give It 2 Me!!! Woo hoo! Love Madonna, she simply has waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many hits to narrow it down to 10. Everytime I thought of a good one to include, ten others quickly came to mind: Love “I’ll remember”, “Papa Don’t Preach”, “La Isla Bonita”, “True Blue”, “Burning uP”, “Express Yourself”, “Oh Father”, “Deeper and Deeper”, “Rain”, “Take A Bow”, “Secret”, “Human Nature”, “You Must Love Me”, “Hanky Panky”, “Sooner Or Later”, “Ray Of light”, “Drowned World”, “Impressive Instant”, “Beautiful Stranger”, “What It Feels lIke FOr A Girl”, “Hollywood”, “Love Profusion”, “Sanctuary”, “Devil”, “Miles Away”…She simply has waaaaaaaaaay too many good ones i can’t even say.

  24. Diego says:

    1. Vogue
    2. Like a prayer
    3. Express yourself
    4. Erotica
    5. Deeper and deeper
    6. Papa don’t preach
    7. Open your heart
    8. Holiday
    9. Hung up
    10. Rain

  25. craig from Oz says:

    Chad, I agree with you. I’m a big Madonna fan, and would list Like A Virgin, Into the Groove, Ray of Light, etc as some of my favourites – but my personal favourite is Intervention.

  26. Tara says:

    1. Isla Bonita
    2. Live to Tell
    3. Nobody’s Perfect
    4. Intervention
    5. Celebration
    6. Give it 2 Me
    7. Like a Prayer
    8. You’ll See
    9. Ray of Light
    10. Into the Groove

  27. Alberto Escobar says:

    1- Celebration
    2- Give it 2 me
    3- 4 Minutes
    4- Hung Up
    5- Sorry
    6- Get together
    7- Erotica (Confessions Tour)
    8- Music
    9- Die Another Day
    10- Ray of Light
    11- Jump
    12- Nobody Knows Me
    13- Impressive Instant
    14- Beat Goes On
    15- Erotica
    16- Angel
    17- Human Nature
    18- Revolver
    19- Dress you up
    20- Lucky Star

    Is Impossible to do this so i just put them in random order. All Madonna songs are my Fav.

  28. Alec says:

    Top 10 madonna songs!

    10. I’ll Remember
    9. Human Nature
    8. Drowned World/Substitute for Love
    7. Vogue
    6. Get Into the Groove
    5. Don’t Tell Me
    4. Cherish
    3. Nothing Really Matters
    2. Beautiful Stranger
    1. Get Together

  29. Alec says:

    Honorable mention: The Beat Goes On, Everybody, Crazy For You, Express Yourself

  30. kokou says:

    1-hung up
    2-4 minutes
    3-celebration (bb)
    4-give it 2 me
    5-like a virgin
    9-like a prayer

  31. belgradeboy says:

    only 10? hmmmmm…

    1. Express Yourself
    2. Drowned World
    3. Rain
    4. Gone
    5. Papa Don’t Preach
    6. Vogue
    7. Like It Or Not (CT – best performance EVER)
    8. Take A Bow
    9. Easy Ride tied with Live To Tell
    10. Into The Groove tied with Give It 2 Me

    Best Album – Erotica
    Best Video – Ray Of Light
    Best Styling – You’ll See
    Best Singing – A New Argentina
    Best Tour – Re-Invention
    Best Husband – Sean Penn
    Best Date – George Michael :))))
    Best Role – Lizzy (Will&Grace)

  32. Christian says:

    1 spanish eyes 2)I ll remember 3)Papa don t preach 4)You ll see 5)till death do us part 6)Nobody s perfect 7}forbidden love (from codf) 8)like a prayer 9)Sooner or later 10)The power of goodbay

  33. SONY says:

    My fav Madonna songs albumwise:
    From Evita- Oh! What a circus, Buenos Aires,
    Don’t Cry For Me Argentina(original
    and Miami mixes), You must love me
    Remixed & Revisited- Into the hollywood groove,
    Your honesty
    American Life- American Life, Hollywood,
    Nothing fails, Intervention
    Beautiful stranger
    Bedtime Stories- Survival, Secret,
    I’d rather be your lover,
    Sanctuary, Inside of me, Human Nature
    COADF- My fav album- my personal favs from this
    album are Like it or not and Hung Up
    CONFESSIONS TOUR- Future lovers, Like a virgin,
    Jump, Let It Will Be, Lucky
    Star and Hung Up
    EROTICA- Where Life Begins, Bad Girl,
    Waiting/Did You Do It, Why’s It So Hard
    MADONNA- Borderline, Burning Up, Lucky Star
    HARD CANDY- Give it 2 me, Candy Shop, Ring My Bell
    I’M BREATHLESS- Hanky Panky, Back in
    business, Something to Remember,
    Now I am following you(pt.2),
    Vogue(Immaculate Collection Version)
    RIT- Vogue, Like a prayer, Mother & father, Imagine
    LIKE A PRAYER- Like a prayer, Express
    Yourself(Pettibone remix),
    Dear Jessie, Till death do us
    part, Act of contrition
    MUSIC- Music, Amazing, I deserve it
    PRE-MADONNA- Aint no big deal
    RAY OF LIGHT- Drowned World, Swim,
    Candy perfume girl, Nothing
    really matters, little star,
    To have and not to hold,
    power of goodbye
    SOMETHING TO REMEMBER- You’ll See, Take A Bow,
    Rain, I want you, I’ll Remember
    TRUE BLUE- Papa Dont Preach, White Heat,
    True Blue, La isla Bonita, Love makes
    the world go round
    WHO’S THAT GIRL- Who’s that girl, Look of love,
    Causing a commotion
    YOU CAN DANCE- Spotlight(Edit)
    CELEBRATION- Celebration, Revolver
    CHERISH(SINGLE)- Supernatural

  34. katherine19z says:

    OMG just 10 songs? i only have top 20!
    1.Hung Up
    2.4 Minuter
    5.La Isla Bonita
    6.Papa Don’t Preach
    7.Like A Virgin
    8.Ray Of Light
    9.Material Girl
    10.Me Against The Music
    12.Die Another Die
    13.Express Yourself
    15.Human Nature
    16.Live To Tell
    17. Like A Prayer
    18.Give It To Me
    19.What It Feels Like For A Girl
    20.Beautiful Stranger

  35. Mark16 says:

    you just can’t have even top 30 madonna songs,i mean..she’s the QUEEN for god sake! My top 30 are :

    2.Hung Up

    3.Express Yourself

    4.Papa Don’t Preach



    7.Ray Of Light

    8.Like A Prayer

    9.Material Girl

    10.4 Minutes

    11.Lucky Star



    14.Burning Up


    16.Like A Virgin


    18.Into The Groove

    19.La Isla Bonita

    20.Open Your Heart

    21.Crazy For You

    22.Deeper And Deeper


    24.Live To Tell

    25.Take A Bow


    27.Human Nature

    28.Oh Father

    29.Don’t Tell Me

    30.Justify My Love

    Best Video = Vogue

    Best Album = Confessions On A Dance Album

    Best Live Perfomance = Erotica/You Thrill Me


  36. Omar says:

    terrible list! I love every madonna song so i can’t have my list but..

    Best Videos = Vogue,Human Nature,Bad Girl,Bedtime Story,4 Minutes and Nothing Really Matters

    Best Albums = Music,Ray Of Light,Confessions on a dance floor and true blue

    Best Movies = Who’s That Girl,Evita,Desperatly Seeking Susan

    Best Perfomance = Like A Virgin,Hung Up,Like A Prayer,Holiday

    Best Interview = 1992 W/David Letterman,1998 W/Rossie Odanal

    Best Lover = Sean Penn,Jessus,Guy Ritchie

    Best Book = Sex

    Best Era = 90s

    Best Songs = Vogue,Borderline,Like A Virgin,Hung Up,Music

    Best Songs That weren’t released as singles = She’s Not me,Like it or not,Paradise(Not For me),Physical Attraction,Skin,Forbidden Love,Push

    Best Creature On The Planet = Madonna

  37. Sandy says:

    My Top 40 would be:
    2.Hung Up
    3.Ray Of Light
    4.Deeper And Deeper
    5.Papa Don’t Preach
    6.Material Girl
    7.La Isla Bonita
    8.Express Yourself
    10.Human Nature
    11.You’ll See
    12.Like A Prayer
    14.Take A Bow
    17.4 Minutes
    18.Lucky Star
    19.Bad Girl
    20.Like A Virgin
    22.Live To Tell
    23.Open Your Heart
    26.Like It Or Not
    28.Nobody’s Perfect
    29.Power Of Goodbye
    30.Justify My Love
    31.How High
    32.I’ll Remember
    33.Burning Up
    34.Dress You Up
    35.Impressive Instant
    36.Love Profusion
    39.Hey You
    40.Give It 2 Me

  38. RoyBoy says:

    1. Hung Up
    2. Vogue
    3. La Isla Bonita
    4. Everybody
    5. Secret
    6. Music
    7. Lucky Star
    8. Like A Prayer
    9. Express Yourself
    10. Nothing Really Matters
    11. Into The Groove
    12. Don’t Tell Me
    13. Jump
    14. Fever
    15. Material Girl
    16. Give It 2 Me
    17. Nobody Knows Me
    18. The Power of Goodbye
    19. Dress You Up
    20. 4 Minutes

  39. Henni says:

    My own top 10 from Madonna is:

    10. American life
    9. Papa dont preach
    8. Dance 2night – Great lyrics !
    7. I love New York
    6. Frozen
    5. Super pop
    4. Sorry
    3. Like it or not
    2. Vogue
    1. Jump – My absolutely favourite, so awesome !

  40. mohit chauhan says:

    my favourite 10 madonna songs are:
    1.lucky star
    2.material girl’ll see
    5.die another day
    6.crazy for you
    7.i’ll remember
    8.angel a virgin isla bonita

  41. Carmen says:

    hmmm..this is too hard,but my favorites are:
    1.Future Lovers (CT Version)
    3.Deeper And Deeper
    4.La Isla Bonita‏
    5.Like A Prayer
    6.Human Nature
    7.Secret Garden
    8.Live To Tell
    9.Hung Up
    10.Give It 2 Me
    12.Crazy For You
    13.Into The Groove
    14.Material Girl
    16.Ray Of Light
    17.Don’t Stop
    18.Your Honesty
    20.Die Another Day
    21.Bad Girl
    22.Lucky Star
    23.Papa Don’t Preach
    25.Where’s The Party
    26.4 Minutes
    27.Time Stood Still
    28.Open Your Heart
    29.Forbidden Love (2005)

    boy,was that a hard list to make!

  42. Joey says:

    1. Till Death Do Us Part
    2. Hollywood
    3. Oh Father
    4. Erotica
    5. Mer Girl
    6. Nothing Fails
    7. Dear Jessie
    8. Candy Shop
    9. Like A Prayer
    10. Jump

  43. Tara says:

    1. Like a prayer

    2. I’ll remember

    3. Take a bow

    4. Frozen

    5. Secret

    6. Beautiful stranger

    7. Ray of Light

    8. Papa don’t preach

    9. Express yourself

    10. Vogue

  44. Papi1989 says:

    1. Like A Prayer

    2. Oh Father

    3. Live to tell

    4. Get into the Groove

    5. Holiday

    6. Cherish

    7. Who’s that girl

    8. La isla Bonita

    9. Material Girl

    10. Power of goodbye

    Best tour EVER…… = BLONDE AMBITION TOUR, i may have been just 1 year old, but from what i have seen ( Truth or Dare + Youtube ) It looks like i should have been born 15-20 years earlier 😦

  45. Rabbitbunny says:

    Madonna is my favorite artist ever in Rock-Here is my Madge Top 10.

    1. Live to Tell-Brilliant Metal/Rock ballad for those who need hope and encouragement in life. Madge cries this beautiful slow-burn torch with a captivating mixture of sadness and hope.
    2. You Must Love Me-Signature ballad from Evita in which Madonna shone with grace, heart and Tears. When I saw Maddy do an acoustic version of the song with her black Gibson guitar, It was the continuum of a beautiful Friendship. I love you Madge!
    3. Like a Prayer-Brilliant Rust Belt gospel that makes me happy inside. One of Maddy’s happier songs.
    4. Ray of Light-That goes double for this brilliant Metal Rocker in which Madonna loves her life. The Lady is just like the rest of us-only Even Better!
    5. Hung Up-The Hardest Rocker Madonna has ever recorded, this song doubles as a tearful dance on her mother’s grave.
    6. Cherish-Brilliant Shakespeare hit about a love that will last-bust there are tears to balance out the smile. T

  46. Alison Perry says:

    1. Vogue
    2. Gambler
    3. Dress You Up
    4. Jump
    5. Cherish
    6. Like a Prayer
    7. Material Girl
    8. Secret
    9. True Blue
    10. Rain

    But I pretty much love them all!

  47. samia haq says:

    My Madonna favs:
    1. Nothing fails
    2. Miles away
    3. Devil wouldn’t recognize you
    4. Celebration
    5. Secret
    6. Like a prayer
    7. Revolver
    8. La isla bonita
    9. Bad girl
    10.Love tried to welcome me

  48. bobbypaul says:

    Secret Garden. Period.

  49. Pat says:

    My Favourits Songs from the Queen of Pop:

    1. La Isla Bonita
    2. Frozen
    3. Like A Prayer
    4. Papa Don’t Preach
    5. Secret
    6. This Used To Be My Playground
    7. Take A Bow
    8. Rain
    9. Into The Groove
    10. Beautiful Stranger
    11. You’ll See
    12. Cherish
    13. Nothing Fails

  50. P00L5 says:

    1. Material Girl
    2. Paradise (Not For Me)
    3. Vogue
    4. Promise To Try
    5. Easy Ride
    6. Angel
    7. Swim
    8. Hung Up
    9. Bedtime Story
    10. Erotica

  51. Darkest says:

    the whole Bedtime Stories album, it’s Madonna best work ever

  52. Hannah says:

    Here is my list:
    1. Promise to Try
    2. Crazy for You
    3. Like a Virgin
    4. Like a Prayer
    5. Borderline
    6. Oh Father
    7. Open Your Heart
    8. Hung Up
    9. Frozen
    10. Pray for Spanish Eyes

    Top 5 Albums:
    1. Like a Prayer
    2. Ray of Light
    3. Madonna
    4. Confessions on a Dance Floor
    5. True Blue

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