Posted: July 4, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized


New York’s Dead Leaf Echo aren’t the easiest band to classify, which isn’t a bad thing. The swirling “Warm Body” has all the gritty atmosphere of The Gutter Twins, but title track “Pale Fire” (mixed by Ulrich Schnauss) is downright shoegazey. “Cry the Sea” is ‘80s Euroangst, though, recalling Joy Division and New Order, with great drumming. Overall, the band’s second album is a tragic, romantic tribute to the ‘80s, but with more goth than most bands who harken back to this sound (I’m thinking of Interpol specifically).

DR. DOG-“Fate”

Dr. Dog make big-sounding folk songs—simple, quaint, themes weave a full, rich musical tapestry. It’s far from easy to listen to, as every song constantly reinvents the band’s sound, which means that hearing the record can take a little effort. But it’s a rewarding one. Dr. Dog have received much blog love, so there’s really no need for me to write up a long review here. I can’t help thinking, as I listen, that this band is capable of much more than what’s on “Fate.” They seem to have endless, bottomless potential. With each record, they stretch out just a little more, making each new release a rewarding experience.

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