Posted: June 29, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized

Jamie Lidell’s been in the business for a while,
making top-notch whiteboy soul, and he’s releasing “Jim” this summer. It’s an old-sounding album, a la Amy Winehouse (but Jim was doing it before she was), that borrows from gospel, funk, R n’ B, disco . . . There’s a little something for everyone here. A touch of Otis Redding, a pinch of Marvin Gaye . . . The influences are obvious, but that doesn’t mean Jamie doesn’t make his own music here.

“Wait for Me” sounds like a Ray Charles cover, complete with blazing piano solo in the classic my-piano-is-a-guitar style of Jerry Lee Lewis. And if you think that sounds like tons of fun, you’re right. “All I Wanna Do” sounds like The Neville Brothers, a sweet, gospel lament much like Sam Cooke’s “Change is Gonna Come.” This is a solid album with just enough nostalgia to make you smile, and enough originality to keep you guessing.

Out of My System

  1. Michael says:

    Where’s The Warren Zevon Link ?

  2. ekko says:

    What Warren Zevon link?

  3. Geebo says:

    Hey, this guy reminds me a little bit of a Scottish band called The Fratellis…check ’em out, http://www.thefratellis.com

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