Posted: June 4, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized

A-day-ago, I posted nine reasons to be grateful disco is not quite dead. Reason number 10 is The Bee Gees. The BGs are to disco what The Beatles were to pop music. They didn’t cause it, but they brought it to a new level. The ten songs listed below are great examples of their legacy–once thought of as a flash in the pan, the band actually wrote some strong, long-lasting songs. Check ’em out.

1. How Deep Is Your Love-The Bird and the Bee

2. Switchin’ Alive-Will Smith vs. The Bee Gees (Cheekyboys mash up)

3. Take Ur Mama Out To The Disco-Scissor Sisters vs. Bee Gees

4. Who Boys Choral Society sing Staying Alive-The Who Boys

5. I Started a Joke-Low

6. Staying Alive-Tragedy. (The metal Bee Gees cover band!)

7. Shut Up Let’s Hook Up (Pink Floyd vs. Bee Gees)

8-10. String Cheese Incident:

Staying Alive!

Night Fever!

You Should Be Dancing!

  1. Abdérafie says:

    Ilisten the Brothers Gibb by 17 years. They are my favorit singer

    The Voice, Experience, Talent A millions Fan….The Legend

    Long life for Barry and Maurice Gibb

    Can God Blesse you


  2. Linda Davis-Dunne says:

    I luv the Bee Gees they are the best if they never preform again that would be my life time dream to see them as they are the best performs on the continent.

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