SPECTAC AND 9TH WONDER-“ The Corner of Spec & 9th”

Posted: May 31, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized

Courtesy of Kevin Nottingham comes a legit leak of a Spectac album recorded in 2002-03 and produced by the great 9th Wonder. Most of you are probably familiar with 9th Wonder from his work with Little Brother. His trademark laid back grooves put the sway in hipsway. Spectac is less known. He’s a South Carolina underground freestyler, whose worked with lots of great ones including Large Professor, Tribe Called Quest, Akaneleye, Dana Dane, Big Daddy Kane, Little Brother . . . He’s got a sound pretty typical for the region—not too much foul language, mostly slow and smooth drawl. It’s an easy flow, perfect for mellow moods. It is well suited for
9th Wonder’s beats.

The record is a FREE online exclusive release from kevinnottingham.com. Git it.

  1. pacaveli says:

    yo never heard of dude spec but always been a hardcore 9th fan. cant believe i never heard of this shit right here….but just got my hands on it………..

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