Posted: May 19, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized

In January 2000, a couple cool dudes got together to form a Stooges tribute band. Now, there’s been lots of tribute bands in the past: Lez Zeppellin, Mini ACDC, Pink Fraud, and so on. But this one was a little different. This one was founded by the great Mike Watt, who, while recovering from an illness, asked a couple buddies from Dinosaur Jr.–J Mascis and Murph–to join him on stage at The Knitting Factory.

The quality ain’t great here, but it’s soooo worth hearing anyway. I wish they’d master this and release it. This isn’t a full show–it’s bits from various shows–but it’s all I have.

As usual, a few tastes and a zip.

Real cool time
Little doll
Not right
Down on the street
NOW I wanna be your dog
No fun
Search & destroy


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