Posted: May 8, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized

This is a little mp3 bootleg that I know nothing about. It was called the “Out of Control Studio Sessions,” but I can’t find information about it. If anyone out there has a little background, please drop a comment about it. I suspect it’s from 1984, when Joe fired Topper and Mick, Terry came back, and Nick Sheppard of the The Cortinas and Vince White signed on with the band. It’s not great stuff, but “Pouring Rain” and “Rock N Roll City” got rejiggered much later by Joe solo, and become something much better. This is a curio for Clashfanatic. I don’t recommend it for the casual listener.

A few tastes and a zip:

We Are the Clash
In the Pouring Rain
Glue Zombie
National Powder
Are You Ready for War
This is England
Rock N Roll City
Out of Control
Sex Mad War
Backwoods Drive
Three Card Trick

  1. ekko says:

    Well, let me know if you dig it.

  2. Andrew says:

    It’s from November, 1983. Nick had joined, but Vince had not yet been hired. These are all Joe originals, some of which got reworked (often to great improvement) throughout early 1984.

  3. Mailman says:

    Can these tracks be reuploaded? I love to here them!

  4. Paul Boothman says:

    Most of the demo versions for ‘CutThe Crap’ are on Youtube in audio only format. Glue Zombie, Ammunition, Galleani and Pouring Rain are real unreleased gems. Still can’t find ‘Backwoods Drive’, ‘National Powder’ or ‘Rock and Roll City’. The album could have been an all time classic but but badly produced, apparently by Bernie Rhodes.

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