Posted: May 2, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized

Y’know, I’ve been getting a lot of shit lately. I don’t know what possesses people to read a blog and then write nasty shit in the comments. I mean, if you think I’m a know-nothing, then stay the frick off my site. Really. Plus, most of these gutless wonders don’t have the stamina or stones to put their own writing out there, day in and day out. Dunno why they’re getting under my skin. Maybe it’s my time of the month.

Anyway, I thought I’d try to piss everyone off by blaspheming the name of the God of alt-rock. And another thing: I was never, and still am not, a fan of Nirvana. Don’t hate ’em, but I’d rather listen to any Foo Fighters album than Nevermind, any day.

And here’s some tunes that were written before KC and the lack-of-sunshine band came on the scene.

1. My World Is Empty Without You-Afghan Whigs (Supremes)

2. Be My Baby-We Are Scientists (Ronettes)

3. One Fine Day-Mountain Goats (the Chiffons)

4. Tears Of A Clown-Cat Power (Smokey Robinson)

5. Then He Kissed Me-Asobi Seksu (The Crystals)

6. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Frankie Valli Cover)

7. Tears On My Pillow (Smokey)-Clem Snide

8. Can’t Help Falling In Love With You-Pearl Jam (Elvis Presley and others)

9. Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Andre Schwandt & Kahn Cover)-My Morning Jacket

10. Man Smart Woman Smarter (Harry Belafonte)

  1. ekko says:

    Much appreciated, vjb2.

  2. Max says:

    A worthy mention would be The Raveonette’s cover of “My Boyfriend’s Back”.

  3. jason z says:

    i completely agree with your feelings on Nirvana vs Foo FIghters.
    Nice to hear someone else say it.

  4. Teri says:

    I completely disagree, Nirvana is so much better than Foo fighters.

  5. Dan says:

    How can you say anything about anything unless you know everything. Crap crappity bitch-bitch.

  6. John says:

    C’mon. I think you’re trying to prod people to get a reaction. I mean, the title to your post is a bit incendiary, don’t you think? Is it honestly getting under your skin that so many people would react in similar tone? (And I comment humbly).

    The Foo Fighters are indeed a great band, and I think Grohl’s drum work with the likes of QOTSA is phenomenal. But as far as song-writing goes, Cobain had the proverbial “it.” Grohl does not. There are some songs, on the last two Foo albums especially, that make me feel embarrassed for ol’ Dave.

    Honestly, I think its a bit like comparing The Beatles to The Hollies. I guess you can decide who is who.

    Nice site, though, and I hope I am welcome to keep visiting. At least there’s some interesting conversation going on.

  7. ekko says:

    Of course you’re welcome. I enjoy reactions, and I enjoy disagreements. I don’t enjoy “you’re an asshole” comments.

    As to Beatles/Hollies, I’d agree with you. Nirvana was a phenomenon, Foos haven’t changed a damn thing about the industry. However, I still prefer to listen to The Colour and The Shape over Nevermind, any day of the week.

  8. John says:

    Ah, then you do have an ear, at least. The Colour and the Shape is the Foo’s best work. I’d love to hear the album as it was intended, though, before ego-maniac Dave Grohl re-recorded William Goldsmith’s (Sunny Day Real Estate) drum tracks. And then Pat Smear left, and then his replacement, Franz Stahl left.

    I’ve seen Foo live a few times. Its hard to be there when Dave ridicules Taylor Hawkins for messing something up that nobody else can hear. “Good one, Taylor. No, really. That was fucking great.”

  9. rain says:

    Nice to see someone say it loud and proud.
    You should have been around when I dared to state my complete and utter distaste for Elvis.

  10. ekko says:

    John-Sounds like your point is: Dave’s an asshole. I’m sure that’s true, but so was Kurt. To be blunt, it takes an asshole to kill himself when he’s got a wife and kids. I know that sounds harsh, ’cause we should have compassion for him and all (and I do have some compassion), but that was just a selfish act.

    As for Rain, I don’t hate Elvis, but I don’t love him either. He’s not really all that different from The Beastie Boys (in his genre, of course).

  11. deathsockcat says:

    I always felt like I was the weirdest kid ever for not being able to even force myself to pretend to like Nirvana. And I fail to see how Kurt Cobain was any kind of visionary/master poet or whatever. When he shot himself, my thought was “figures.” I knew kids who literally went into hardcore mourning. One girl said her parents forbid her to mourn him, and I privately cheered.

    Anyway. I think my point was:
    Fucking A right, you are.

  12. Michael says:

    For the record, you’ve got your Smokey Robinson “Tears” songs confused. Cat’s covering “Tracks of My Tears,” not “Tears of a Clown.”

  13. thorn says:

    nirvana is the best of all time im 13 and like ff but u guys r crazy
    rip kurdt

  14. King Leonidus says:

    ya y dont u try getting your parents divorced at age 8, be homeless, LIVE UNDER A BRIDGE! and have a drug addiction and still make great music dave grohl neverhad any of that Nirvana kills Foo Fighters

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