Posted: April 20, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized

Their first album was one of the great pop/rock albums in recent history. Their second . . . Not so much. Because they asked to be taken seriously, there, as songwriters. (An acoustic song about a junkie uncle? From the authors of the lyric “You had a boyfriend who looked a girlfriend that I had in February of last year”?) Still, I dig the band a whole lot. So here’s some covers. (And remixes.)

1. Read My Mind (Pet Shop Boys’ Stars Are Blazing Mix)-The Killers

2. Mr. Brightside-McFly

3. When You Were Young-Astrid Swan

4. When You Were Young (Jacques lu Conts Thin White Duke remix edit)-Killers

5. Digital Killers (Daft Punk remix)-Loo & Placido

6. Somebody Told Me-Daniel Bedingfield (live)

7. Mr. Brightside-This Unique Museum

8. Mr. Brightside-PlayRadioPlay!

9. All These Things That I’ve Done-Matt Willis (live)

10. Mr. Brightside-Amy McDonald (live)

And thanks to Fong Songs for being the source of a few of the above tunes.

  1. finn says:

    these are great covers… true mark of a great song is when other artists cover your songs and it still sound great as the original… sometimes better (listen to tally hall’s smile like you mean it, there’s got to be an mp3 of that floating somewhere).

    i’m not giving up on the killers, i have faith in them, and although sam’s town failed to sell as much as hot fuss, it’s still a better album as a whole (save for the uncle johnny song, you were right about that).

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