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Haven’t posted any YLT in quite some time, and that’s too bad because more people need to hear how great this band sounds live, so you’ll go see them and support them. From December 11, 2007 (the eighth night of Hanukkah), in Hoboken, NJ, YLT played a show where guests included Howard Kaylan of the Turtles and a member of Times New Viking. The show was a benefit for the Fortune Society and The Innocence Project, so if you like this show or this post, go drop a buck or two at their sites.

As usual, tastes and a zip below.

01 Night Falls on Hoboken
02 Eight Day Weekend (Gary “U.S.” Bonds)
03 Double Dare
04 Cone of Silence
05 Shadows
06 The Weakest Part
07 Mr. Tough
08 Paul Is Dead
09 Stockholm Syndrome
10 I Should Have Known Better
11 Autumn Sweater
12 Watch Out For Me, Ronnie
13 Blue Line Swinger
14 Love Power
*Below cuts are with Howard Kaylan of the Turtles/Flo & Eddie*
15 Hungry Heart (Bruce Springsteen) (with Beth Murphy of Times New Viking on keyboards)
16 You Baby (P.F. Sloan/Steve Barri)
17 One Potato, Two Potato (The Crossfires)
18 Love Songs in the Night (Michael Brown)
29 Metal Guru (T-Rex)
21 She’d Rather Be With Me (The Turtles)

  1. Will says:

    Thanks for this and all your Yo La Tengo posts – a great live band!

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