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Today’s Clash related post is on Big Audio Dynamite, Mick’s post-Clash project that mixed hip hop and punk in a way nobody had done it before. At the time, George Clinton and Prince were merging rap with rythym and blues, but nothing like this. This isn’t rock/rap either–it’s nothing like that lame-ass Limp Bizkit shit. This was a true synthesis of styles, without posturing. It wasn’t whites trying to sound black, in other words.

From November 12, 1986.

A few tastes and a zip.

C’mon Every Beatbox
Sudden Impact
Sightsee M.C.
Beyond The Pale
A Party
Stone Thames
E = MC2
Bottom Line
Medicine Show
1999 (Prince)

  1. Ratbag says:

    What is the track order please?

  2. ekko says:

    The songs are listed in track order.

  3. Darrell Wilson says:

    Can’t find a zip of this. Any chance of getting a copy of this as I have been looking for their 1999 cover for ages!??


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