THE RACONTEURS-“Consolers of the Lonely”

Posted: March 23, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized

I used to love The Raconteurs . . . But Web Sheriff killed that!
Oooooh yeah.
I used to love The Raconteurs . . . But Web Sheriff killed that!
Just knowing he’s watching
And leaving me strange comments
Makes me dislike the entire baaaaaaaaaand.

Based on WS’ comment below, I have deleted any pre-release praise for this album and will not give it post-release praise either. I hate to punish the artist for the short-sighted actions of a person who may or may not legitimately work for a record company, but one is only as good as the company one keeps. WS was not rude or mean, but his practice was wholly unnecessary. I NEVER post leaks. I’m explicit about that. And I rarely even mention big-label bands on this blog. So he had no business providing his veiled threat, which he later called a “statement of policy” (even though there’s no policy in it).

WS, if you want to plug leaks, that’s fine. I agree with you that leaks should be stopped. But don’t use my platform to chill free speech, especially legal speech, that in no way supports leaking music. I wish you had taken the time to think about your action here, as well as your command for me to remove Kills performances that didn’t belong to the record company, because it just makes me sad to think I can’t support that band without risking legal action.

And next time you want to “apologize” to me, apologize TO ME. Don’t do it on Stereogum just because you’ll reach more readers there. That was insincere. I’m an honest blogger who supports music by writing about it. I never post leaks. Treat me with the respect that I provide to major labels, please. I’ve never been anything but respectful, and I expect the same treatment.

It Ain’t Easy (live, acoustic)-Raconteurs

Steady As She Goes-Corrine Bailey Rae

Headin’ for the Texas Border (Flamin’ Groovies cover)-Raconteurs

  1. ekko says:

    Okay. Now that’s just weird. I think this is supposed to scare me? I’m not sure…

  2. Nick says:

    So called WEB SHERIFF (note the capitals) seems to be a one man band with a crappy website trying to make a name for himself. What a tosser.

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