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Today’s A to Z is songs/themes from TV shows and movies often make for great hooks, and artists with pop sensibility often dip in that well. There’s lots more than this–these are the indie/mashed up/underground ones that I dig (and a few that I don’t necessarily dig, but I think are kind of interesting). What’s your favorite theme?

A is for the A-Team! Intergalactic-The Beastie Boys (A-Team remix). The boyz once provided their entire album (vocal tracks) just for folks to do this kinda thing with. Neat.

Here’s a picture of the A-Team in love. So sweet.

B is for Big Punisher, R.I.P. You Don’t Know-Big Pun. A mixtape track from one of the G.O.A.T., using a sample from the theme to Night Court, that old TV show that was actually a lot worse than you remember.

C is for Cheers!

Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Cheers theme)-Wedding Present

Shok T.V.-Saigon. The Entourage rapper uses the Cheers theme as a soundbed. I seem to recall quite a few “Cheers” samples, but for some reason I can’t find them right now. . .

D is for Disco Biscuits-Star Wars Theme

E is for all the Es in Bee Gees. Stayin’ Alive-Tragedy. Metal disco! These guys are supercool. You should check them out on myspace.

F is for Footloose-Trainwreck.

G is for Gonna Fly Now vs. M.I.A. A mash up. Not a big enuf fan of M.I.A. to identify the vocal track.

H is for He Man-Ludacris. One of the worst cartoons ever to be made into one of the worst movies of all time provides a hilarious hook for this gem from Ludacris’ Pre-Release Therapy mixtape.

I is for If I Only Had a Brain-Afghan Whigs.

J is for jazz. The Price is Right Theme-Bonobos Conversion. The jazz version!

K is for Mistah Kottah! Ressurection of Dead Presidents-Lupe Fiasco. Using the Welcome Back Kotter theme, a favorite of such educated rappers as Lauryn Hill (on her amazing Miseducation album).

L is for Link Wray’s cover of the Batman theme. Of course, this theme has been used by countless folks as cover material and as hook material, perhaps most famously by Eminem on “Without Me,” which is maybe the funniest video ever.

T.V's Batgirl: Second best prime time S&M queen.   (Emma Peel is #1.)

M is for mashed potatoes. The Other One/Close Encounters Space-The Grateful Dead. My heads out there?

N is for Love Theme Hand Dance (NIN Vs Flashdance Theme)-A Team 9 mash up

O is for Otto, who likes to get blotto, my favorite character on The Simpsons. On Spread It Out-Masta Ace., one of the best rappers who never broke mainstream uses the un-bouncy, un-hooky, and completely beat-lacking Simpsons Theme to great effect. If you go here, you can hear a whole show of the band Moe doing covers of themes and songs from the Simpsons. Weird. But oddly worth a listen.

P is for prancing. Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme)-Loop. I’m Pretty sure Sly pranced up those steps.

Q is for question: Who really were The Five Blobs? I dunno. But this track, ripped off of a bad VCR tape, is probably my favorite movie theme ever. Beware of the Blob!-The Five Blobs. I cut right down to the vocal parts.

R is for rainbows. What I Got/Rainbow Connection-Spearhead. Combining a Sublime cover with a Kermit tune!

S is also for Slash! Godfather Theme-GnR

T is for teen idols! Remember The Lost Boys, that flick starring two Coreys? Classic. Also classic is Joe Budden’s latest mixtape. Man is a better storyteller than Nas. Thou Shall Not Fall (Produced By The Klasix) (Lost Boys sample)

U is for undercover agent, James Bond! Diamonds Are Forever-Arctic Monkeys

V is for A Team Theme-Volta. Other than the machine gun fire, this barely sounds like the original. Technodisco.

W is for Weezer-The Dukes of Hazzard Theme

X is for taXmobile-Batman versus John, Ringo, Paul, and George. Fabfourbulous! One of my favorite cheesey mash ups ever.

Y is for You’re The One That I Want-Beautiful South. A very different take on a pop classic from the best-selling soundtrack in history.

Z is for Slide > Zelda: Underworld Theme > Slide-Quagmire Swim Team. Yeah, I was just fishing for a “Z” here.

  1. Rusty says:

    How can you say such a thing about He-Man?!

  2. Fripez says:

    The sample used in Saigon’s “Shok TV” is the theme from Hill Street Blues.

    And how dare you disrespect He Man?!?


  3. Seamus says:

    This is such a great post but that Savefile site is a nightmare.

  4. ekko says:

    Sorry about savefile. The price is right for me.

  5. Shaista says:

    Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row” is featured in the movie Watchmen the soundtrack is so well suited to the movie. Check out their facebook page http://tinyurl.com/facebook-watchmen

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