THE CLASH: 3.18.77 (Clash Covers: The Leftovers)

Posted: March 18, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized

On this day, March 18, back in 1977, the Clash released their first single: White Riot/1977. The Clash are, quite simply, the greatest rock and roll band ever. I’ve made it a point to post on the Clash at least once a month, usually more. And I’ve still got lots of stuff on deck. But two of my most popular Clash posts were Clash Covers A to Z and More Clash Covers A to Z. Unfortunately, A to Z is a a lot of work. (You try thinking of a song for every letter.) I don’t think I have a full alphabet in me anymore.

But here’s what I do have: The leftovers.

Somebody Got Murdered-Anorak

The harder they come Joe Strummer with The Long Beach Dub All Stars (jimmy cliff)

I’m So Bored With The USA (Clash) / Intervention-Arcade Fire
Train in Vain-Kirsty MacColl

Let Me Show You-Michael Hutchence and Joe Strummer (Not a cover)

Long Walk to Freedom-U2 (Joe Strummer cover)

Rock the Casbah-Something for Kate

Rock the Casbah-Virginia Coalition

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