Posted: March 12, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized

1. He Ain’t Give You None (live)-Jerry Garcia Band

2. Caravan (live)-Counting Crows

3. Into the Mystic-Tres Tangled Truckers (Jason Isbell, Caitlan Cary, Kevn Kinney, Dave Bartholomew)

4. Sweet Thing-Weird Weeds. (Highly recommended)

5. Tupelo Honey-Dolly Varden

6. Red Chord/Here Comes the Night-The Frames

7. Into the Mystic-Swell Season

8. Crazy Love-Glen Phillips

9. Hungry for Your Love-Glen Hansard

10. He Ain’t Give You None-Earth Bombs Mars

  1. Prodigal Son says:

    Goddamn, “Into The Mystic” is such a great song. I’ve heard it so many times by Van I kind of take it for granted now, but hearing it by a different artist(s) makes me love it all over again.

    I’ve told my wife I want to be piped out at my funeral to this.

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