SAINT BERNADETTE-“ I Want To Tell You Something” (EP)

Posted: March 8, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized

Perhaps the first thing you should know about Saint Bernadette, is that there’s nobody by that name in the band. Instead, this retro rhythm-n-blues outfit is fronted by Meredith Dimenna, whose powerful vocals all
but overpower the talented band behind her. I Want To Tell You Something, the band’s new EP, is out now. That’s the second thing you should know.

It begins with “In Between,” a “big” dramatic song, with huge swells and powerful vocals, that shows off Ms. Dimenna’s impressive vocal powers. It’s also got a pretty sweet, albeit short, guitar solo. From there, the band takes you back on “Love is a Stranger,” which recalls Aimee Mann’s ‘Til Tuesday years–a much underrated pop period for an otherwise fairly ordinary performer.

And speaking of once-big female vocalists, we next come to the next pair of tunes, “One In A Million” and “Hard to Believe:” Between the backup singers, the hooks, and the falsetto, you’ve got Heart reborn. That’s pretty cool, because I don’t hear too many chicks really belting it out like this anymore, at least not without trying to be ironic. The closing, title cut slows down and goes acoustic. It’s a nice
change of pace. It’s the only non-retro cut on the EP, and it shows the band’s ability to move past its genre.

Love Is A Stranger

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