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Back in August of last year, I posted “Rockers Who Think They Can Rap.” Predictably, I got many nasty comments from folks who think I don’t know anything about music, have no taste, blah blah blah. In the interest of generating more hate mail, I’m doing a sequel! This time, as an A to Z. Most letters are covered, anyway. Because I expect most of you have some of these already, no zip file today.

A is for Aaliyah! Are You That Somebody-The Gossip. The original may be more soul than rap, but it’s still Hip Hop, and Ms. Ditto is clearly rapping here. And doing a pretty fine job!

B is for Sexton Blake-I Need Love (LL Cool J cover). I like this version the most out of the ones up here. See below.

C is for Crazy (Gnarls Barkley)-Cat Power. Maybe Gnarls isn’t rap, I dunno, but Cee-Lo is definitely a rapper, and Cat definitely isn’t. So it fits this bill.

D is for Dr. Dre! Nuthin’ But a G Thang-Streetwize. A smooth jazz cover!

E is for explanation. Rockers may think they can rap, but rappers definitely shouldn’t sing. This is why: Maybe If I Sing-Sheek Louch (50 Cent dis).

F is for Fire on the Mountain . . . The rap version! I used to have this great (by which I mean funny) version of Mickey Hart rapping the lyrics (sort of) to Fire. But it’s gone! Can anybody out there help me out?

G is for Grandmaster Flash! The Message-Willy Mason.

H is for hillbilly. Rebel Without a Banjo-Nick Foster and Public Enemy. Seriously. Check this out. It’s awesome.

I is for Ice Cube! Bitches Ain’t Shit-Ben Folds (NWA cover). On my last rap covers post, a few folks asked why no Ben. The answer was, I was sure you all had heard his stuff before. But in the interests of completeness, here we are.

J is for Jenny Owens Youngs-It’s Getting Hot in Herre (Nelly). There’s lots of covers of this tune. I dig Beck’s version, too.

K is for Keane doing Dirrtylicious (Destiny’s Child). A bit more soul than rap. I’m gonna work on a soul post next. Think it’s a good idea?

L is for Luka Bloom-I Need Love (LL Cool J cover). Lots of rockers like to cover this tune. Not sure why. It’s a lame rap, maybe that’s why guys like this think they can do it. Doesn’t work for me.

M is for My Humps-Alanis Morrisette. I love this version. And for more Black Eyed Peas nonsense, see O.

N is for Crazy in Love-Novi Split (Beyonce).

O is oddly rhythmic. Hump My Tunnel-Arcade Fire vs. Black Eyed Peas.

P is for Parlaiment-Funkadelic, the foundation band of hip hop. Maggot Brain-Volebeats. Let’s make this the “V” track, too, ‘kay?

Q is for Quebec. I don’t think the MNs are from Quebec, but at least that’s a place in Canada. Crazy in Love-Magic Numbers. On this live version, the lead singer invites the audience to take the Jay-Z rap section. Good move.

R is for ‘Round the Way Girl-Travis Morrison.

S is for So

T is for Tired, that I hope

U Understand that I’m cutting this short.

V is for P (see above).

W is for Afghan Whigs! Me So Horny (2 LIve Crew)/Delirious (Prince)

XYZ are for the end of this post. C ya.

  1. Chuck013 says:

    Hump My Tunnel links to Crazy in Love by the Magic Numbers. I live in Quebec, please have pity and fix the link!

  2. ekko says:

    Link fixed. Thanks for the heads up, Chuck. (Get it, upchuck! Ha! I’m so fucking witty I break myself.)

  3. sara says:

    you beat me to the punch! i was totally planning a rap cover post! thanks for a couple of tracks i hadn’t heard! also thanks for the blog link, next time i update i’ll do the same!

  4. Mark says:

    My chance to finally give something back. Here is Mickey Hart Fire on the Mountain the rap version.
    Thanks for all the music.

  5. Albany_Mike says:

    Mark! Thanks for the link to the Fire on the Mountain Rap! We made a mix tape in college (1990) with all crazy Grateful Dead Songs, and this was one of the them. I havent heard this song since then! Many thanks for the nostalgia high!

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