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Look to PBS this March for “The Clash Live: Revolution Rock,” a new documentary focusing on The Clash’s triumphant live act, including clips from recording sessions and concerts. I haven’t had a chance to see it, but I can’t wait. The in-progress tracklisting sent to me includes 1976 studio sessions of White Riot and London’s Burning; a 1980 T.V. appearance where they did Guns Of Brixton; and Should I Stay Or Should I Go and Career Opportunities from their classic Shea Stadium, October 1982 show. The only thing disturbing is I didn’t see White Man in there . . . But I’ll watch anyway.

You can find out local air dates at the Official Web Site.

And to celebrate, I’m posting the famous “Midnight Special” bootleg, featuring The Buzzcocks and The Clash (supporting The Sex Pistols) at The Screen On the Green, Islington, London 29/8/76. There’s a few Clash tunes here and a few Sex Pistols, all jumbled together. The recording is a little muffled, but it’s good enough quality for such a great piece of history…

The Buzzcocks

02.Friends of Mine
03.Times Up
04. Orgasm Addict
05.Peking Hooligan
06.Lester Sands (Drop in the Ocean)
07.Oh Shit!
08.You Tear Me Up
09. Love Battery
10.I Can’t Control Myself
11.I Love You You, Big Dummy

The Clash

02. I Know What To Think About You
03.I Never Did It?
04.How Can I Understand The Flies?
05.Janie Jones
06.Protex Blue
07. Mark Me Absent
08.Deadly Serious
09.What’s My Name
10. Sitting At My Party
11.48 Hours
12.I’m So Bored With You
13.London’s Burning

  1. Loot says:

    Thanks for all the great Clash stuff!!

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