Posted: February 29, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized

Sorry no posts lately–Been in the hospital.  Here’s a little something for now . . .

Built By Snow’s debut EP “Noise,” is completely indie and D.I.Y., which is pretty amazing because the production is quite good. In fact, because it’s so good the EP isn’t nearly close enough to the punk it aspires to be. For example, one song has a chorus that cries, “Fuck radio and rock and roll!”–but the songs are practically radio ready. The entire record is crisp, the lyrics well-enunciated, and the background vocals pure. So it ends up sounding like an angry Snow Patrol. Interesting.

The band hails from Austin, TX, and if we were still in the 1990s, when record contracts were free and easy, I’m sure they’d be signed by now. How about it? Anybody out there looking for them?


  1. Wayne Steadham says:


    Hope you are better healthwise. I depend on you for the best in indie heroes.

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