Posted: February 13, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized

1. Toxic-Hard Fi

2. Toxic (Acoustic)-Stevie Ann

3. Toxic-Metronomy

4. Toxic-Yael Naim (Highly Recommended!)

5. Sayin’ Somethin’ Toxic-Britney v. Michael Jackson v. The White Stripes (by Dunproofin’)

6. Toxic-Local H

7. Toxic-Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra

8. Toxic Rehab-Britney vs. Amy (by Empulsive)

9. Toxic-Tristan Prettyman

10. Like I Love You / Toxic-Four Way Free

  1. FlightDreamz says:

    Cool bunch of covers! Interesting song to to choose to do a cover of (I HATED the original – more teenie-booper jailbait @#$% from Brit). Some of these covers might make me reconsider. #3 by Metonomy was different, never imagined that song with… did I hear an accordion at the start of the song? Kept expecting Weird Al Yankovic to start singing the lyrics for some reason. 😛

    Thanks for the covers, love the site.

  2. ana says:

    what da fuck was dat all bout

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