JON McKIEL-“The Nature of Things”

Posted: February 7, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized

Wednesday Records is pulling out all the stops to promote Canadian Jon McKiel’s new record, The Nature of Things, offering an eMusic pre-release (this week) and allowing listeners to stream the whole thing for free at Rhapsody next week. Why so much hype?

Maybe it’s because they’ve got a winner here. His music is on the dark side of shoegazer, featuring moody hooks and introspective themes. It’s reasonably accessible, but doesn’t bend over too far to grab your ears: There’s catchy stuff here, but most of it will make you concentrate a little too hard for me to call it indie pop. But I’d definitely call it indie. And I’d definitely call it worth a listen, too.

For fans of: The Stills, The Slip, The Diggs, Andrew Bird.

War on You


February 7 2008 – 8:00P, Pat’s Place, Antigonish, NS
February 8 2008 – 10:00P, ECMA Showcase, Fredericton, NB
February 9 2008 – 2:00P, Ski Ben Eoin, Sydney, NS
February 16 2008 – 8:00P, Rocky Saureen, Hamilton, ON
February 17 2008 – 8:00P, The Boat (solo show), Toronto, ON
February 18 2008 – 8:00P, The Boat (full band), Toronto, ON
February 19 2008 – 10:00P, The Albion, Guelph, ON
February 20 2008 – 8:00P, Trepid House, Waterloo, ON

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