Posted: February 4, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized

“Wool” is the second album by Nick Jaina (also of Binary Dolls), following his debut solo album, The 7
Stations. It’s a unique sound, with some of the mournful creeping offered by troubadours like Tom Waits, some of the quirky musicianship of Jenna Newsome/Tori Amos, and, through it all, a genuine sense of humility. Rather than try to control his music, Jaina seems to allow his songs to guide him, as if he is but the vessel.

“Ponchatoula” is primarily a violin-and-piano piece that almost sounds classical. Although the vocals are good, I was almost disappointed that they came in so fast. I could have listened to the instrumental beginning for a few minutes longer. A Tom-Waitish faded drum boom occasionaly explodes in the background, turning the tune into more of a march, and giving it a feeling much darker than Jaina’s optimistic vocal quality. A very interesting tune, unlike virtually anything else I hear these days.

“Wool” is a gentle, piano-based album that’s perfect for quiet contemplation. Check it out.



  1. JET says:

    I liked “Power.” It’s haunting. And I definitely get the Tori Amos reference. “Maryanne” disturbed me. Is it bad that I actually like Billy Joel?

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