Posted: January 24, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized

This is a bootleg of Jeff’s first show ever without Wilco, with Jay Bennett on electric guitar and harmonica. Truly amazing.

Nuff said. A few tastes and a zip.

Watch Me Fall
New Madrid
Wait Up
The Long Cut
Walk Where He Walked
Pecan Pie
Pick Up The Change
Should’ve Been In Love
Give Back The Key To My Heart (Doug Sahm cover)
Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down (traditional)
If That’s Alright
Black Eye
Dash 7
No Sense In Lovin’
Casino Queen
Who Were You Thinking Of (Texas Tornadoes)
The TB Is Whippin’ Me (Ernest Tubb)
Passenger Side
We’ve Been Had
Too Far Gone (Neil Young)
Screen Door
Listen To Her Heart (Tom Petty)
Reincarnation (Roger Miller)
Box Full Of Letters

  1. bk says:

    sounds like its going to be great. thanks

  2. Pete says:

    If the date is Dec. 1994, it would fall smack dab between Uncle Tupelo and Wilco, right?

  3. Kevin says:

    RIP Jay Bennett…

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