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A quick whip through the mailbag, beginning with a pic of the mailbox I wish I had . . .

Shooting a Rhino Between the Shoulders-Instruments of Science and Technology. New from Richard Swift, on Secretly Canadian, of instrumental music.

One Way Ticket To Rome-Dragged By Horses. Punky rock. Aggressive!!

One of the oddest-named bands, and I have no idea how to say it, offers hot dance remixes of its dance hit, “Rapture.” Yes, that’s right, dance remixes of a dance song. So meta.

Rapture-iiO (Creamer & Stephane K Edit)

Rapture-iiO (Riva Edit)

Albeit-Leaf to Feather. From the band’s debut LP.

M4 Part One-Faunts The Faunts’ EP, “M4,” is a 40 minute release, available at iTunes and eMusic.

The Octagon are excellent and generous. Fantastic Four Tunes! (Please tell me you recognize the above as Stan Lee playing the F4’s mailman, Willie Lumpkin.)

The Octagon – “The Narrow Road to Oku”
The Octagon – Macaca
The Octagon – “Carlito’s Way”
The Octagon – “Weekends”

Winter Song-Chairs in the Arno

Size Thirty-Chairs in the Arno

Indie keyboard music.

The End of Summer Song-Billionaires

Eighties Movies-Billionaires

Pretty cool pop music.

All for now.

  1. Mike Chapman says:

    great site, great images, inspiring! i found the exact infomation i was searching for

  2. I must say, I could not agree with you in 100%, but its just my opinion, which indeed could be wrong. p.s. You have a very good template . Where did you find it?

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