Posted: January 11, 2008 by dillion in Covers

. . . go to Cover Me for the entire Nirvana Nevermind album, covers style, with covers of songs from the album by Animal Collective, Steve Earle, Rogue Wave, Patti Smith, and about half a dozen bands I’ve never heard of.

He didn’t include the great Wierd Al Yankovic Nirvana cover, or the great Willie Nelson cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit (Tori Amos did a great one, too), and included Polyphonic Spree instead of Pavement’s cover of Lithium, but still–awesome effort–he deserves your support. Leave a comment, telling him who brung ya.

P.S.: This isn’t the big post I promised you early today. I’m still working on that. Come back later!

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