Posted: January 10, 2008 by dillion in Uncategorized

In the fourth gonzo round, I’m just gonna slam you with a bunch.

The Last Time [The Rolling Stones]-Gomez
I’m On Fire-Carbon Leaf

Winner: Bruce. If you download just one song today, make it Carbon Leaf’s cover of I’m On Fire. It’s awesome.

No Surrender-One Reason
Shake Your Hips-Joe Strummer and the 101s

Two punk versions. I love Joe, but this is early in his career so I don’t feel bad giving it to One Reason here. It’s not a great cover, but they show how the source material can really be stretched. Score two for Bruce.

The River-Josh Ritter
Cross Bones Style/I Can’t Get No Satisfaction (Rolling Stones)-Cat Power

The Josh Ritter cover is ubiquitous, but is it extraordinary? No. Cat’s is both–she truly makes the song her own, and shows that it plays just as well when a gal does it. Stones get their first point of the day.

Dancing In The Dark-Ted Leo
Divorce Song/Emotional Rescue-Liz Phair

And who can go up against this fantastic Ted Leo cover? None other than Liz Phair. And she crushes him. Plus, if she wins I get to post a pic of her.

Score now tied, two to two.

Today’s tiebreaker:

Dancing in the Dark-The Thrills and Mike Mills of REM
Jumping Jack Flash-The La’s

Two bands not known for covers in poor quality boots. I’m giving it to The La’s, but just barely.

The Stones pull it out and win the fourth post!

  1. Don says:

    Try Hem covering Springsteen’s “Valentine’s Day” versus Townes Van Zandt covering the Stones’ “Dead Flowers”. That’s a tough one for me…

  2. ekko says:

    I can’t imagine anything being better than Van Zandt’s version. I love that song.

  3. Don says:

    Try both before you call it. I agree that Van Zandt’s cover is great, but there’s something about the Hem cover that really strikes me. They’re a great band, by the way…very mellow and country-ish.

  4. Jungleland says:

    Elvis Costello – Brilliant Disguise
    Dan Baird + Rick Richards (as Mystic Knights Of The Sea) – Johnny 99

    Tom Petty + The Heartbreakers – Down Home Girl (from Live at the Vic)
    KISS – 2000 Man
    Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos – Gimme Shelter

  5. Maria says:

    The Carbon Leaf cover is great, but I’m also a fan of the Bat for Lashes version of I’m on fire… Anyway, loved the cover wars idea!

  6. HT says:

    Check out Halloween Alaska’s cover of “State Trooper”…

  7. Andrew says:

    Hey I like The La’s cover of Jumping Jack Flash.

  8. Don says:

    Good call Andrew…I’ll second that one.

  9. ekko says:

    Oh, I like it enuff–by poor quality I meant poor sound quality, I should have been more specific, I guess.

  10. rob says:

    elvis costello’ version og jackson cage is great but i cant find it anywhere

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