Posted: January 8, 2008 by dillion in Alt Country, Americana, MP3, Music

For those of you who don’t know, Califone are an incredibly interesting experimental Americana band. Check this out, from their latest album, Roots and Crowns, on Thrill Jockey records:

Spider’s House

Anyhoo, in 2004 the band got together and did a short set of Stones songs. Yesterday, we posted round one of this week’s cover wars. Round two begins with this great Califone set. The really cool thing about it is that instead of covering the tunes everyone else covers, they chose an Exile-heavy set list and really rocked out. I love this show. Quality is pretty good, too. Hope you dig it. No zip file this time because there’s only seven tracks.

Street Fighting Man

Ventilator blues

Turd on the Run

No Expectations

Rocks Off

Miss you


So, who has done a Springsteen tribute show? Well, I don’t have a whole show, but I do have two songs. Adam Duritz makes two manly mournful songs into two plaintive whines. But if you’re gonna listen to whining, it might as well be Counting Crows, one of my all-time favorite mainstream rock bands.

Atlantic City

Thunder Road-Counting Crows

And the winner is . . . The Crows do a great job, but there’s only two songs here. Califone are truly ambitious, and it’s pretty ballsy for a small-time band to take on the world’s biggest rock band. Hmmmm. I’m tempted to call it a draw, but that’s the pussy way out. So, I’m giving round two to . . . Califone. And, therefore, The Rolling Stones win it.

  1. Kylis says:

    i have been downloading miss you for the past 15 minutes
    you need to get with rapidshare
    thanks & peace

  2. Harp says:

    Thank you so much, I have been trying to get hold of these for ages
    you have just made an old dog very happy


  3. Drunk Country says:

    This maybe a little off course on your point, but Marah does a pretty fucking delicious Streets Of Philadelphia, but I think my all time bestest favourite is Book of Dreams by Dion. Something entirely heart queezing about that version.

    ‘fess up, though: I don’t really rate ‘teen. He certainly aint the Boss of me, but I can see & understand why people go ga-ga o’er his ol’ boots.

    Good postings as per, Mr. E.


  4. mischief says:

    nice posting– its too bad you only included a short clip of the counting crows doing thunder road– i saw them do it live in the middle of rain king and it was epic!

  5. cheebie says:

    Counting Crows did a great version of Sandy in the middle of sullivan street. (Ashbury park is the springsteen song). I can’t find it anymore on the net though! It was very good.

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