Posted: December 20, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

4. Josh Ritter-The Historical Conquests Of Josh Ritter

I was a fan of Animal Years, but not much before that. This album, however, is a revelation.

Here’s most of the tracks off the album, all live except for track one:

To the Dogs or Whoever

Mind’s Eye

Right Moves

The Temptation of Adam


Real Long Distance

Empty Hearts

And bonus tracks!

Harrisburg/Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone (Temptations cover)/Harrisburg

Johnsburg, Illinois (Tom Waits cover)

Long May You Run (Neil Young)-Josh Ritter

My Mexican Home (John Prine)

Little Ole Wine Drinker Me (Dean Martin)

The River (bruce springsbean cover)

California (Acoustic)

Crystal Chandeliers And Burgundy (Johnny Cash)

Mercury (w/Kathleen Edwards)

Chelsea Hotel No.2 (Leonard Cohen)

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