Posted: December 19, 2007 by dillion in Best of 2007, Indie rock

6. Band of Horses-Cease to Begin (Review)

Also a candidate for best sophomore album of 2007 (tied with Amy Winehouse), BoH prove that the loss of an essential bandmember need not be a death knell but instead can be a way to grow. This album stays true to the indie rock sound and formula, but integrates an Americana feel. Pure magic. I get chills every time I hear, “Is There A Ghost?”

Here’s a concert from October of this year, proving why the band deserves my #6 slot. A few tastes, then a zip.

Is There a Ghost?
Great Salt Lake
Islands on the Coast
Wicked Gil
Ode to the LRC
No One’s Gonna Love You
Marry Song
Our Swords
First Song
The General Specific
Am I a Good Man (Them Cover)

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