Posted: December 13, 2007 by dillion in Best of 2007

14. Bloc Party-A Weekend in the City.

I’ve read more than one blogger opine that this album was a disappointment, and didn’t deliver on the promise of BP’s first album and EPs. Those reviews almost swayed me. Until I went back and listened to “Song for Clay,” the first great track on this extraordinary album. It’s got about half-a-dozen more standout tracks, including “Hunting For Witches,” “Waiting for the 7.18,” and “I Still Remember,” and my doubt quickly slipped away as I listened to it again to make sure it truly belonged in the top 40. Yes, it’s straightforward and doesn’t take risks, but every artist can’t be Arcade Fire. If they were, who would we dance to?

AS GOOD AS THIS ALBUM WAS . . . The band screwed its fans by releasing bonus tracks in scattered CDs, and got an award for worst distribution plan of the year.

England (special bonus track)

We Were Lovers (special bonus track)

Version 2.0 (Bonus track)

  1. Vic Arpeggio says:

    Hey, the track “Cavaliers & Roundheads” downloads as a 51k file and not a full song. As for the others, thanks!

  2. ekko says:

    Looks like it is corrupted in my own file, too. Strange. I’ll delete it.

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