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Kings of Leon-Because of the Times.

After breaking through with Aha Shake Heartbreak (proving that a sophomore album can not only be better than a first album, it can also sell better), the Kings of Leon bust out a third hard rocking barroom brawl. This is on a (typically stingy) major label, so I’m not posting any cuts off the album. And their website doesn’t offer much either.

So you’ll have to take my word on this one . . . But for this live track from ’06.

Slow Night, So Long-Kings of Leon and Eddie Vedder


Dungen-Tio Bitar.

Literally translated as “10 Songs,” the title of this Swedish metal band’s latest record instantly recalls Fugazi’s “13 Songs.” And the reference is apt. Both have a hard crunching D.I.Y. sound, but where Fugazi revel in punk, Dungen harken back to the days of Black Sabbath. Psychedelic metal that is far more complex and interesting than Wolf Mother, this was a slept-on release that deserved much, much more attention.

(Original review.)

Familj-Dungeon (mp3)

Dungen-Familj (video) (.mov).

  1. Baby81 says:

    Kings of Leon are NOT on a major label. They are on a small indie label called Hand Me Down so I don’t think any major label people would care.

  2. ekko says:

    I don’t know about their earlier work, Baby, but this year’s album was on RCA.

  3. Ron Mexico says:

    Well at least SOMEONE on the blogosphere has some freakin’ taste, and isn’t afraid to list something “popular” like kings of leon on their top 40 of the year.

    Because of the time is a classic, timeless rock album front to back. I’m shocked that NO ONE ELSE has even LISTED it in their top 40. It blows my mind. Everyone’s posting the same goddamn lists, with grizzly bear #1 – 3. That album sucked balls i’m sorry. you throw that on in a room full of average people and they’ll be like what the fuck is this. You put kings of leon on, and they’re instantly drawn in.

    That may not matter to most f you. But that is an important fucking yardstick when making music. And pulling it off without being gay about it is something most bands (like grizzly bear) only wish they were capable of.

  4. George says:

    Yes, “not being gay” is so important! and well done for not mentioning just how gay the kings of leon are (4 redneck brothers whose songs mostly revolve around their penises).. the reason it wasn’t on most people’s list is because it’s an okay album, frankly i can’t even listen to it all in one sitting.. and this has nothing to do with how “popular” music is.. in the majority of the lists (including my own) you’d find the likes of Kate Nash, Amy Winehouse etc.. it’s just the whole point of music blogs is to discover brilliant new talent, kings of leon just slightly altered their formula, which really works with a handful of songs, and makes the rest draaaag

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