Posted: December 8, 2007 by dillion in Electronica, Hip Hop

Yea Big + Kid Static are an experimental turntable crew who make dance not drama—their stuff sound more like mash ups/collages than original projects (and often it is). So, if you’re looking for hot lyrics, this ain’t the place for you. But if you wanna get your groove on, it just might be. Plus, Rhymefest is letting the duo open for him in Chicago, so there’s gotta be something there, right? One more thing: Yea Big seems to think it’s a big deal that you pronounce his first name “Yay” not “Yeah”. Far as I know, Kid Static is pronounced like it looks.

For fans of Kool Keith, X-Ecutioners, and Professor Murder.

Run to the Facts (Mae Shi Mash up)

The Basement / Enfant Terrible

The Life Here

Duck, Mother Fuckers!

  1. Rahz says:

    Mash ups? Turntable crew? I can’t imagine you’ve really listened to any of their music for more than a minute. Lyrics are all original and quite complex,,,relevant stuff. Lots of commentary. Relections on what is really going on around us. You wrote a paragraph. Reason being? You haven’t listened longer than that.

  2. ekko says:

    You’re right–my opinion of the lyrics is clearly wrong, and I only listened for “a paragraph.”

  3. Kei-40 says:

    dude…. They’re the ish. I saw them live. I talked to Yea Big at the Gza concert in Iowa City on April 1st. As far as I could tell he’s cool. and Static is my boy. You clearly did not listen to them enough. And I don’t get it. Even if you did listen for “a paragraph” how are they not original and complex. You make them sound like simopleton rappers that rap about nothing. Man I’ll kick yo sandwitch.

  4. Kei-40 says:

    and sorry for any mispellings. I typed pretty fast.

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