Posted: December 4, 2007 by dillion in Alt Country, Americana, Best of 2007

18. Okkervil River-The Stage Names.
23. Ryan Adams-Easy Tiger.
34. The Broken West-I Can’t Go On I’ll Go On (review).

What a fantastic year for Americana. Okkervil releases what I think is the best album of their career, The Stage Names, which ends with a brilliant coda saluting Brian Wilson (an artist often cited as being the most influential on indie rockers). Ryan finally gets back to the art of songwriting, after many self-indulgent stops along the way. Not to mention his winking foray into hip hop. And The Broken West arrive on the scene, bringing all their own tightly written, wonderful songs.

I recently posted live versions of nearly every track off Easy Tiger. Check it out here.

As for other samples of these great bands . . . I’m kicking off some mp3s with three Okkervil tunes from 2003, performed with Mendoza Line.

Kansas City-Okkervil River with Mendoza Line
Roll Another Number for the Road (Neil Young Cover)-Okkervil River with Mendoza Line
A Damn Good Disguise-Okkervil River with Mendoza Line

I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys cover)-Ryan Adams

Mellow My Mind (Neil Young Cover)-Okkervil River

Baby On My Arm (Original Version)-The Broken West

Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe-Okkervil River (from The Stage Names)

And, last but not least, a complete live set by The Broken West, opening from the Walkmen last March:

Down In The Valley
So It Goes
Big City
Hale Sunrise
Brass Ring

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