Posted: November 24, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

If Britney Spears is overrated as a singer and underrated as a public drunk, Pete Doherty is the opposite. I’ve never been a huge Libs fan, but much of Doherty’s quieter work is interesting, even sweet, kind of like old Kinks tunes. Check out these unreleased recordings.

1. Albion. This is the second take of a simple, acoustic ditty from The Baby Shambles Sessions; it’s still being roughed out, but that’s often where true genius shines through. You know, before it gets produced to death.

2. Don’t Look Back Into the Sun-The Libertines.

3. Janie Jones (Clash cover)-Babyshambles. The rare example of a Clash cover that is almost as good as the original.

4. Babyshambles-The Libertines. The theme song for his current band back when it was his future band.

5. What a Waster-Adam Green (Libs cover). I don’t dig his voice, but I like his take on the tune.

6. What Katie Did-The Libertines. I wish this song made sense, because I’m pretty sure I can figure out who it’s about.

7. Who’s Got The Crack?-The Libertines

8. For Lovers-Wolfman and Pete Doherty. I love this tune. Didn’t care for the rest of the record, though.

9. Breck Road Lover-The Libertines

10. Time for Heroes (The Libertines)-Graham Coxon

This one goes up to 11! Can’t Stand Me Now-Libertines

  1. blahblahblah says:

    What Katie Did isn’t about Kate Moss. What Katy Did Next by Babyshambles is.

    For Lovers was just a single so the ‘rest of the record’ just the bside, a version of Back from the Dead by Pete and Wolfman

    ..and these songs aren’t rare

  2. will says:

    I love you, I looked all over the net for these songs……

  3. jamesdouglas says:

    your musial insight is superb.
    it’s good to know that in todays world where horrid rnb seems to clog up our airspace that there are still poeple with true usical knowledge.
    i agree with everything that you have stated.

    and if anyone wants to hear true doherty poetry put accompanied by music his solo album is truely bliss.

    but i must say cannot wait for the return of the libertines at reading

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