Posted: November 23, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

Hailing from the far-off land of Poughkeepsie, where I once hurled in a Mickey D’s parking lot, The Color Wheels are a husband and wife due who make sweet and precise lo-fi power pop. They have a real “local band” sound, but in these days of global internet fame, we all get to join the party. Some of the lyrics are a little . . . Odd. Like this one, from the single, “Rock My World”: “When your mind wanders away, where do your hands go?/Take my love, give it a shove, into your heart hole.” Because they sing it straight, it’s hard to tell if this is a sincere emo line, or if they’re being sarcastic. But through it all, it’s clear they’re having fun. Their self-titled debut, on Viper Bite Records, was produced and engineered by Jacques Cohen; he’s also worked with Mercury Rev, The Brides, and Agit Pop, and the production has that kind of feel.

Catch ‘em here:

Green Means Go

Rock My World

Jon Sebastian (the husband of Color Wheels) cover of Andrew W.K.’s song “I Get Wet”

Catch ‘em live: Dec 16 2007 – 10:00P // Arlenes Grocery, New York

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