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From Epic/Legacy, Stevie Ray’s Solos, Sessions, and Encores shows one of the world’s greatest guitarists teaming up with B.B. King, Albert King, Paul Butterfield, Johnny Copeland, and Albert Collins, on scorching rare cuts such as “On The Run,” “Texas Flood,” “You Can Have My Husband,” “Oreo Cookie Blues,” and many more. Even the David Bowie classic, “Let’s Dance”!

Go here and enter your picks for the best covers of the Century to win!

Live Stevie Ray (NOT from the Solo’s, Sessions & Encores release) from 10/14/84:

Voodoo Child (Hendrix)

I Get High

Whiskey, Wine, and Gin

Look At Little Sister

Let’s Make Romance

  1. derek says:

    Boss guitar man. You should post his rehearsal sessiosn with Bowie for the 80’s tour he neve played on. Usually only around the web in FLAC format, but showing Stevie in top form

  2. derek says:

    cheers for posting this material.

    Stevie rocks !

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