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1. James Eric’s Covers CD.

James Eric wants you to hear his new CD. It’s a compilation he’s giving away at his live shows, all covers of 1990s songs.


1. Race For The Prize (the flaming lips)
2. A Shot In The Arm (wilco)
3. Divorce Song (liz phair)
4. Meet Ze Monsta (pj harvey) (Taste this track!)
5. Digging The Grave (faith no more)
6. What Jail Is Like (the afghan whigs)
7. Who Are You (tom waits)
8. Lurgee (radiohead)
9. Winona (matthew sweet)
10. By Starlight (smashing pumpkins)
11. To Make You Feel My Love (bob dylan)
12. The Book Of Love (the magnetic fields)

ZIP FILE! (hotlink)

2. Tim and Eric, Live!

Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job! is, in my view, the best thing on Cartoon Network. Now you can check out their live broadcasts online.

Episode #1

3. Big O! Magazine’s latest update has The Rolling Stones rarities . . .

2. Act Together (Studio Rehearsal)
3. Jam
4. Fool To Cry (Studio Rehearsal)
5 Down In The Hole (Studio Rehearsal)
6. Claudine (Version #1 Rehearsal)
7. We Had It All (Studio Rehearsal)
8. Let’s Go Steady (Studio Rehearsal)
9. Indian Girl (Version #1 Rehearsal)
10. Think I’m Going Mad (Studio Rehearsal)
11. Let Me Go (Studio Rehearsal)
12. Emotional Rescue (Studio Rehearsal)
13. Claudine (Version #2 Rehearsal)
14. No Use In Crying (Version #1 Rehearsal)
15. Summer Romance (Studio Rehearsal)
16. Indian Girl (Version #2 Rehearsal)
17. No Use In Crying (Version #2 Rehearsal)

Go here.

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