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1. More Than This (Roxy Music)-Division Day

2. One More Song the Radio Won’t Like-Kathleen Edwards. From her stellar “Failer” album.

3. More Than Shapes (Acoustic; Live version)-The Long Winters. * Any interest in my posting more from this show?

4. No More Mosquitoes-Four Tet.

5. More Than This (Roxy Music cover)-Bill Murray. I love this. Looooove it. Makes me wanna go see Lost In Translation again.

6. More Than a Feeling (Boston)-Of Montreal

7. We Got More Soul-Dyke and the Blazers. One of my favorite classic soul groups–At their best, they were at least as good as James Brown himself.

8. Hit Me Baby One More Time (Britney Spears cover)-Chad Michael Murray(?). I’m actually not sure who this is, or where I got this. Feedback please!

9. More Soup Moka Only Featuring MF Doom. What the hell is the Masked Genius up to these days? I heard some disturbing stories that he wasn’t performing live–he had a stand-in or something.

10. How About I Love You More-Mull Historical Society. This is such a cute, sweet little song.

I had the privilege of seeing The Deadstring Brothers last night at a tiny place here in Arlington known as The Iota Club. There couldn’t have been more than 40 people in the audience, including the opening act. I haven’t seen a tighter, more talented ensemble in a very long time. I always enjoyed their recorded work, but live . . . The songs are just blueprints for scorching guitar work, powerful rhythms, and some of the most enthusiastic vocals I’ve ever heard. On wax, you don’t hear how amazing talented Spencer, their lead guitar player, really is–nothwithstanding that he looks like a 12-year-old Joey Ramone.

They mostly performed material from their new one, and the title track was smoking hot. Other highlights were a rough and raw “Black Coffee;” a “Blindfolded” that shook the rafters; and “You Look Like the Devil.” And when they whipped out a cover of The Band’s “The Shape I’m In,” they blew the bricks out of the walls and sent them flying into the street. Dogs caught on fire and babies fell from the sky. My only regret is that when they asked for suggestions on what to play, I didn’t shout out “Where Are All My Friends?” I fucking love that song.

If you get a chance to see them, don’t ask any questions. It’s not country, it’s not blues, it’s rock and roll of the sort the Rolling Stones made before 1974. If you’re not a regular reader, or if you never downloaded these songs before, your assignment is to do so now. Now, dammit! Their newest album is one of the best of the year so far, and if you don’t like them, you just haven’t heard them yet.

1. Silver Mountain

2. Lonely Days

3. Heavy Load

4. Where Are All My Friends?

5, 6., 7. Go here for a few live tracks from an in-studio performance

8. Sacred Heart

9. Get Up Jake

10. Stream a few more, including “No Hiding Love,” at their Myspace page.

Drop me a comment and tell me I’m right.

And here’s 10 more reasons I’m glad I saw them:

10. The Deadstring Brothers rock.
9. The Deadstring Brothers rock.
8. The Deadstring Brothers rock.
7. The Deadstring Brothers rock.
6. The Deadstring Brothers rock.
5. The Deadstring Brothers rock.
4. The Deadstring Brothers rock.
3. The Deadstring Brothers rock.
2. The Deadstring Brothers rock.
1. The Deadstring Brothers fucking rock.


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The Hourly Radio are a cool band, who just released a new EP–digitally, and FREE! Help them harken in the new world of music! They’re unlocking a new song every day until they hit the road. Check it out at their site!

GUN IN HAND EP tracklisting:
1. Gun In Hand
2. Dear Ears (Remix by Shiny Toy Guns)
3. He Said She Said (Remix by Michael Jurin of stellastarr*)
4. Closer (Remix by The Pipes Bros)
5. Not A Victim (Remix by Joel Habbeshaw)
6. Crime Does Pay (Remix by Dance Robots, Dance!)
7. Crime Does Pay (Remix by DJ Will Eastman)
8. Crime Does Pay (Remix by Terrorist Chic)
9. Crime Does Pay (Remix by Joel Habbeshaw)

Everybody’s talking about Radiohead these days. Radiohead Radiohead Radiohead. But there was an artist who went online first–who refused to be a SLAVE to the major labels, took his act on the net, and even gave away his CD at shows. Yeah, that was the artist known as Prince who was formerly known as the Artist who was formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince who was formerly known as Prince who was formerly known as Prince Rogers Nelson, who also calls himself The Purple One.

A.K.A. Slave Shave.

Here’s my picks for the top 10 Prince songs. With covers!

P.S.-I’m sure you will disagree with one or more of my picks. Don’t be nasty, just drop a comment!

10. Nothing Compares 2 U. It’s a great tune, and it’s been covered by dozens of folks, but nobody made it their own like Sinead O’Connor. Of course, I’m not posting her studio version here. Buy it. But this one, you might not be aware of . . .

Nothing Compares 2U – Stereophonics (link courtesy of Retro Music Snob).

9. Darling Nikki. I love this song more for what it represents than for the actual tune–Prince has certainly made better songs musically, but this one broke a few barriers and it’s funny as hell.

Chickenhead Nikki-Cam’Ron and Prince (Tapemasters Inc.)

Darling Nikki-Foo Fighters

8. Partyman. The classic Batman soundtrack, one of the greatest soundtracks in history, spawned this phenomenal dance track.

Partyman (Dance 12″)-Prince.

7. Raspberry Beret.

Raspberry Beret-Hindu Love Gods (Warren Zevon and the R.E.M. band!)

6. I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man

I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man-Goo Goo Dolls

I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man-My Morning Jacket

5. Seven. Lots of you probably haven’t even heard of this song, but it’s brilliant. Off his Glyph album.

4. When U Were Mine. Cyndi Lauper also did a hot version of this tune.

When U Were Mine-Tegan & Sara

3. Sign O’ The Times. Lots of folks may find this song corny, but it was one of the first Prince songs that I put on repeat over and over right after I heard it. Another fantastic song from that double album was the highly underrated and brilliant Starfish and Coffee.

Crazy Times-Prince vs. Gnarls Barkley

Thug-A-Cated 4 Life (starfish and coffee)-Papoose

2. Purple Rain. G’head, tell me why I’m wrong. Then listen to that blazing solo. Then try to tell me again.

Live version.

1. When Doves Cry. Simply the greatest divorce song ever.

When Doves Cry-The Be Good Tanyas

When Doves Cry-Ani DiFranco

When Thugs Cry-Joe Budden

When Doves Cry-Damien Rice

When Doves Cry-Barenaked Ladies

Let Me Know-Cam’Ron and Prince (Tapemasters Inc.)


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Some exceedingly high quality acoustic Son Volt tunes, from c.1995 – 1996. One of the greatest alt-country bands around.

A few tastes and a zip. Nuff said.

01. Ten Second News

02. Windfall

03. She’s More To Be Pitied

04. Loose String

05. Tear Stained Eye

06. Drown

07. Back Into Your World

08. Creosote

09. No More Parades

10. Been Set Free

11. Way Down Watson

12. Lilli Schull

13. Out Of The Picture

14. Looking At The World Through A Windshield

15. Rex’s Blues

16. Too Early

17. San Antone



VOXTROT-April 9, 2006

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This bootleg is just to remind you all that Voxtrot released one of the best albums this year and you should buy it. Now.

A few tastes, and a zip, as usual.

Unrecorded Song
Raised By Wolves
Mothers Sisters Daughters and Wives
Rise Up in the Dirt
Wrecking Force
Long Haul
New Song
Fast Asleep
Soft and Warm
Start of Something
Missing Pieces

RUBY LAMENT-“Circulation”

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A long long time ago, before the unspeakably disappointing band/album “The Good, The Bad, and The Queen” there was a very interesting, albeit extremely mainstream, hip hop/trancey band called The Gorillaz. I’m sure you remember them. Well, if you were a fan, you might want to check out Ruby Lament.

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Matt Ruby (vox, keys, guitar, bass, beats) and Matt Lament (guitar, keys, beats, sampler, backing vox) make, in their own words, “dark, dirty, and dancey” music that falls somewhere in the space occupied by Gary Numan and Brian Eno and, yes, The Gorillaz. Only grimier–less slick, less top 40, less club ready.

The album is a little hit or miss—there’s some tracks that just don’t work—but others show real potential. These two Matts did everything themselves on this release, and cuts like “Hollow Body Soul” show real potential, and made me wonder what they’d sound like in the hands of an experienced producer. Take, for example, the fascinating cover of “The Drugs Don’t Work” by The Verve. There’s enough of the original here that the source material is obvious, but Mr. Ruby’s vocals add a rougher quality that augment the desperate lyrics. Definitely the best track on the record. They also do a fun cover of “So Alive” (Love and Rockets), and the icing on the cake is “Nuclear Night,” an 8+ minute crawl through a jungle of Gorillaz-like beats and blips—you know, a kind of raw, electronica blues anthem with Verve-style vocals. I tend to shy away from songs that hit the five-minute mark, but this one is worth hanging on. By about halfway through, I
found myself entranced.

Check out these standout tracks, or download the whole thing, free and legal, as a zip file!

Hollow Body Soul

So Alive (Love and Rockets cover)

The Drugs Don’t Work (Verve cover)

Nuclear Night