Posted: October 18, 2007 by dillion in Alt Country

Some exceedingly high quality acoustic Son Volt tunes, from c.1995 – 1996. One of the greatest alt-country bands around.

A few tastes and a zip. Nuff said.

01. Ten Second News

02. Windfall

03. She’s More To Be Pitied

04. Loose String

05. Tear Stained Eye

06. Drown

07. Back Into Your World

08. Creosote

09. No More Parades

10. Been Set Free

11. Way Down Watson

12. Lilli Schull

13. Out Of The Picture

14. Looking At The World Through A Windshield

15. Rex’s Blues

16. Too Early

17. San Antone



  1. isaid says:

    this is GREAT, but where is the ZIP!!! Thanks as always buddy

  2. Steve says:

    thanks!! Zip isn’t working though.

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