DIVISION DAY-“Beartrap Island”

Posted: October 14, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

It seems like so many years ago when I first heard Division Day’s Beartrap Island. And it was. I interviewed the band and found them all to be a very approachable, down-to-earth group of guys. I’m pretty sure it was my first interview on my original site (which has since been destroyed). Well, they’ve made it big. Snatched up by Eenie Meenie Records, the band has re-released (with some new material) their phenomenal debut album, Beartrap Island. And guess what? It’s still great.

Lots of albums don’t age well, but DD’s music is as fresh now as it was in ’04. The dynamic single, “Tigers,” with frenetic drumming (mostly cymbals) and shouted harmonies; the odd, digital squeaking underneath the spoken whisper of “Is It True What They Say?”; the sinister thumping rhythm of “Lifeblood,” underneath surprising tough vocals; the almost mock-optimism of “To The Woods;” . . . And if Tap Tap Click Click doesn’t make you want to run out and buy a ticket to their next show, you might be crazy. Or you just don’t like good music. This is simply a phantastic collection of tunes. Unapologetically indie rock, but without any mope or ‘80s throwback riffs, Division Day have made one of the most energetic, live-sounding albums of the year.

And they made it three years ago.

“Tigers” video (hilarious)



Tap Tap Click Click



  1. durbrit says:

    Not a bad review, it definitely captures the spirit and quality of this a fantastic record. Just a couple of notes; the album came out originally in ’06, and there’s no track titled “Lifeblood” on it (Littleblood?).

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