ELEVADO-“The World Is On Fire”

Posted: October 12, 2007 by dillion in Indie rock, MP3, Music, Uncategorized

I hate the term “Art Rock” (a.k.a. “Avant Rock”) because it can describe anyone from Art Brut to, well, Elevado, who have just released their fourth album on the ISP label.

The title track, “The World Is On Fire,” sounds like a Radiohead cover of a menacing Tom Waits blues grind: A bluesy beat, creeping bassline, random sounds and handclaps, and a voice that cries above it all. “Ribbons and Bows” harkens back to The Rasberries and T-Rex with its pyschedic sounds and verses. In fact, it almost sounds like they were trying to make a garage band nugget. Because of that, I can’t say I found it to be a very interesting track, especially compared to “Our Turn Came Tonight,” a much more satisfying, albeit equally retro, collage of percussion, fuzz, and steady bass. The difference is probably that the vocal track isn’t as produced here, and that just works better.

For fans of: Tom Wait’s “Bone Machine” album; Radiohead; David Bowie; The Walkmen; Television, and Guided by Voices.

Our Turn Came Tonight

The World Is On Fire

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