Posted: October 9, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

MORNING RECORDINGS-“The Welcome Kinetic”

A series of instrumentals interspersed with vocal tracks,

Morning Recordings’ “The Welcome Kinetic” is a fascinating journey. Pramod Tummala leads an eclectic ensemble through an even more eclectic collection of dub, electronica, synth-waltz, and mystical swirl music. At times, it feels like a Fellini film. Alternatively, it sounds vaguely like ‘70s porn. In other words, it’s perfect music to listen while you stare at a fishtank and your girlfriend rides you reverse cowboy style.

For fans of: Elliott Smith, John Lennon, Flaming Lips.

The Welcome Kinetic.

BEN JELEN-“ex-sensitive”

The second release from Ben Jelen, on the great Linda Perry’s label, Custard (it’s the first 2007 Custard release–they’re getting a very late start). Pretty good stuff. Check out this track:

“Mr. Philosopher” (acoustic)

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